Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Well Here We Are Again. The Earth Has Made It's Way 'Round That Fireball Once Again And Mr. Modtomic Turns THREE!!! I Promised Changes A Few Weeks Ago And Today Begins The First Round. Let It BEGIN!!! Status: It's Begun.

Soapylove's Third Birthday!

Yes...I KNOW!  It's hard to believe that I've been able to churn out post after post for three years, but really...where has the time gone?!  It really doesn't seem like it's been that long.  But alas, you have to admit...it has gotten a little monotonous: "Hey, look at this chair I found...Hey, look at this table I found...Hey, look at these dishes I found...".  So without further ado I present the first two new blogcasters to join me here on Mr. Modtomic!  Meet Hannah and Nick.

Meh, whatever...they've both got posts today introducing themselves!  Wanna see a cool

vintage Polaroid camera I found?  That's what I thought!


This Polaroid SX 70 is one of the few items I managed to harvest from the Belleville flea last

Saturday. It wasn't an epic score haul flea market day, but I managed to salvage the trip by

finding a few choice items. This is the second SX 70 in this color, with leather case that I've

found at a flea market. If you're interested, one of the pair will soon be available @ my

booth (#5) in The Green Shag Market. I can't attest that any of my vintage cameras

work...you know, for actual picture takin'...but they certainly are easy on the eyes and

display quite nicely.


I can still vaguely recall family pictures being taken with a Polaroid camera similar to this

as a child. I know I've got a Polaroid of my sister on our fridge so we musta had one. I know

there's a shop around town (I wanna say it's on Cherokee st.) that can supply the "film"

cartridges for these old gems. I keep meaning to get down there and check it out but I just

never seem to have the time! Hopefully, with a team of blogcasters helping me out I might

be able to get some different things done! Make sure you leave Nick and Hannah a nice

"hello" on their respective introductions. I'm sure they'll appreciate it!


  1. Happy Third! I'm right behind you, with my third coming up in a couple of weeks. Hard to believe we've been here that long, especially since so many of the blogs that were around when we started are gone and forgotten. I took my little hiatus from daily posts while my apartment was being built, and you've done some reruns while you were on vacation, but in the overall scheme of things, we've been persistent as hell. Good job! :)

    1. Hi Dana.

      Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, I've missed a few days here and there because of illness and (in an effort to maintain a healthy relationship!) blogged re-runs while on vacation but we've both tried resl hard to keep it real for readership. I think it comes back to us. I like to think we both have a pretty loyal cadre of readers. With the addition of Hannah and Nick to Team Modtomic I'm hoping to finally catch back up to you in pageviews!

  2. Congratulations on your 3 years! I always read your blog to see what you find around our hometown St Louis and esp your trips the Belleville flea market for when I can't get there myself.

  3. Thanks for 3 years of dedicated blogging! You're on my wake-up reading list every morning. Hope for many more :)

  4. Congrats....I read you every day! Planning to visit soon :)

  5. Thanks everybody so much for taking the time to read the blog. Without you I would have petered out long ago!