Sunday, August 4, 2013

Yesterday I Had To Work All Day So Today We Spent The Whole Day Today Scavenging At The Flea Market (With Nick And Girlfriend) And Out At A Couple Of Antique Malls In Columbia Mo. Status: Wild Goose Chase.


None of the above came from the flea market this morning. This lot is the consolation prize for driving out to Columbia Mo. in search of a Drexel Declaration china cabinet at Artichoke Annie's antique mall. A friend had seen it there a few weeks ago and mentioned that I might want to check it out so today I called ahead to make sure it was still available and after receiving confirmation we set off westward.


Alas, when we arrived I first tried to find the china cabinet on my any Man would...but

eventually had to resort to asking where it was since, knowing it was there - because I called first

and asked if it was, I must be blind and just can't find it on my own.  The staff was happy as a clam to

show me some ancient antique curio cabinet looking thing the was NOT in any way close to a Drexel

Declaration china cabinet!  Yes, I mentioned "Drexel Declaration" to the staff on the phone...Twice. 

But as pissed as I was, we still managed to make lemon aid out those crumby lemons.  The Girlfriend

and I split up and she managed to find these Nissen Salt and Pepper Grinders.  How cool are these? 

The pepper grinder employs a Peugeot grinding mechanism, which seems like is what makes some

Dansk / Quistgaard pepper grinders worth more than others.


Tooling around by myself, working off the steam, I managed to find a nice piece of Dansk IHQ.  This

chip and dip set is a bit newer than most of my collection but it's still pretty cool.  The teak tray was

made in Malaysia and the porcelain bowl, Japan.  Upon setting it up to shoot the photos I found a $1

sticker on the bowl.  Somebody made a pretty good profit off the Mr. today!


The Girlfriend has an unnatural fixation with all things Salt and Pepper, but occasionally it pays off in

that she find something pretty unusual, like this unused set of pink anodized aluminum hanging salt

and pepper shakers.  You can just make out the shaker holes in the first photo above.  They are right

next to the "S" and "P".  You turn the tops and align the white dot with the S or P to open them up and

when you close them you can hang them upside down from the vinyl "strings" attached to the

bottoms, my guess is you hang them from you burner knobs or something near the range.  Neat huh?!


So while the big prize was denied me, it was still a nice day for a drive and we got to check out two

big antique malls.  I'm not sure if I'll be inclined to spend much of my money back at Artichoke

Annie's after this debacle but I may get over it as it was just this one time error on their part.  Next

time I drive out of town I'll be much more diligent and make sure they see pictures of what I'm

interested in.  It's like going through the fast food drive through...I failed to check the bag before

leaving the window.


  1. What were the other antique malls? Artichoke Annie's is not that good. Very pricey in my opinion. I can find some good things there, but usually not.

  2. Dang. That's pretty rough, especially after we woke up so early to get to the flea market. Looks like you managed to still get in some good picking though. Me and the lady headed over to the local antique malls and actually brought home a few goodies from Hannah's. Good to see you all again.

  3. Good stuff! I especially like the two salt and pepper shakers and the teak tray. Oh wait! That's everything you found. Guess I like ALL of it!