Thursday, August 15, 2013

Really, It Was Just A Matter Of Time. With My Love Of Vintage Illuminated Globes And The Desire For All Things Adrian Pearsall How Could I NOT End Up With One Of These? Status: Collected.


It has been a good week to be the Mr. The Wegner chairs were found and have already been placed, got my check from the Green Shag and today (last night actually) I found this Adrian Pearsall / Craft Associates 16" Illuminated Library Globe...for Cheap! You should see the big ol' grin on my face!


Of course now I have WAY more globes than I could ever hope to properly display so some

of them will have to go. Truth be told, I don't even know where I'm going to find room for

this big guy, but I will...promise you dat! While I've never actively searched for one of these,

it is one of those "Holy Grail" type finds. I didn't even know how badly I wanted one until I

spotted this one on craigslist.


Hey! That's where I live! The globe itself is in excellent condition and didn't even require any

cleanup. Remarkably, the previous owner told me that the bulb inside the globe is the

original! They just don't make 'em like they used to. He also told me that his parents bought

this from a school auction way way back when, so that makes me only the Third owner!


Alas, the base wants for a tiny bit of love. As you can see the bottom wooden bracket has

split and about a third of it missing. This has allowed the surround on the globe to slip off,

be pulled down by gravity and consequently spread the two side brackets apart. This

spreading has caused the glue to fail where it was holding together the different pieces of

wood that make up each leg. It's not a catastrophic failure by any means and will easily be

remedied with a touch of wood glue and some careful clamping. At any rate, it looks a heck

of a lot better than the busted up one that recently sold on eBay for like $320!


  1. holy grail for sure....i want one so bad. Great Find!

  2. Just wait 'til Nick tells us his sob story 'bout how he missed out on this gem!

    1. Don't rub it in :( Sadly, this one made my "I'm going to email these guys in a few minutes" list, but I got sidetracked and forgot. Gotta stay focused on the game or stuff like this happens.

  3. Nice find! I have a collection of small vintage globes but to find one that size in that condition is sweet!

  4. O.M.G. I've seen this in Pinterest and wanted one, but I had no idea it was the light-up kind. I'm super jealous!

  5. Pearsall *drools* How sweet! If I'd picked that I'm not sure it would be for sale...

  6. Love it! Have never seen this but will for sure be on the look out! Would coordinate nicely with Brasilia pieces.

  7. One of these has been sitting in my childhood bedroom for twenty years. It's in perfect shape except for a bit of re-gluing needed where the legs intersect. It's one of the few items in Mom's house that my two sisters and I all agree we want. So there it sits, alone in a room with race car wallpaper because Mom's a too much of a diplomat!