Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yeah Kim!!! A reader comes through with more than an answer to the mystery! Status: Solved and Appreciated.


Yeah, baby. This is so Money! How cool is it that someone not only had a chair like mine, but...


It also has an intact tag so we now know who and where it was made, and the owner is just down the street from me, and they sold me the chair!!! I wish I had some sort of prize or honor to bestow upon Kim for making the effort! Ooooo, I got it. It's out in the garage and next time I see Kim I'll see if she'll let me put a pic of her with her award here in the blogusfear. We were all supposed to go together to the Wentzville Flea Market Sunday morning but it rained from about midnight through 'til about noon Sunday. I'm so glad I went to the Belleville Flea Market Saturday or I would have had some serious withdrawal.

But how about the chair!?!? So yeah, it's "finish" is a bit different. The color is a little lighter and the "hair" is better patterned but the shape and measurements (height of the legs not withstanding) are the same. It's obviously the same chair. Now I'm wondering if the base on mine is original to the chair. I'm pretty sure the base on "shorty" has been cobbled together. It doesn't reek of original equipment. I'd love to have matching bases. To bad that the repro Herman Miller Dowel bases don't look like they'd bolt right on. That would be so choice. I might have to break down and find me a welder who can make me a pair of bases like my original chair has. I'm sitting in it as I type this (as well as all my previous posts!) and it is supremely comfortable.


  1. Last time I was there (it's been awhile) there was one of these available at the St. Charles Antique Mall.

  2. Hi Nathan, thanks for poppin in.

    Yeah, good lookin' out, that is where I got mine! It was in a booth right by the front door, right? I once found a Heywood Wakefield M304G side table in oh so minty condition at the St. Chuck antique mall for...gosh, I'm ashamed to say...45 bucks. I'm still looking for it's mate for the bungalow.

  3. Wow, how bizarre that the mate chair was up the street. I love that!