Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Readin' and Picture Lookin' materials found @ thrift store & flea mkt. Status: Being studied by TOP scientists.


I found the "Modern Retro" book at the thrift store just down the street for just $1.91 + tax! Score! The vintage home magazines were picked up at the flea mkt. over the weekend, 6 for $5.00.

The Book is from 2000. I picked up 4 Better Homes & Gardens; a Feb 1945, a Jan 1953, a "Home Furnishings" Fall 1957 and a July 1962. The other two are The American Home for August 1947 and a House and Garden July 1965. I had seen magazines like this at a vender there at the flea market many times but have resisted buying any or even LOOKING through them as I was afraid of exactly what is going to happen. Now I'm gonna have to find more...lots more! Just skimming through these is so cool. It's a lot like looking through Atomic Ranch, only with vintage ads. Check out the oh so racist Wurlitzer "black face" ad at the bottom. It's nice to be nostalgic about the past but one must accept the reality as well. It WASN'T a better time, just a different set of major problems.



1. Frost-white backrounds enhance a rainbow of colors.
2. Plan a heart-of-the-house family room if you enjoy relaxed, informal living.
3. You can give an old room a youthful look with color.

1. Furnishings prepare porches for pleasant summer living.
2. Divide an old bath to gain new privacy and convenience for a growing young family.
3. The clutter free house.

1. The clutter free house.
2. Briggs. Short on space, long on ideas. Bathroom ad.
3. Get the best things first, get Kelvinator. Kitchen ad.

1. Glass, gives your home a lot of extra charm...and costs a lot less than you think.
2. New kitchens, that work for you.
3. Make a big kitchen pay storage dividends.

1. A major achievement in small-house planning.
2. Here's the right house for a 50-foot site.
3.Definition! Ornament! Light! Exaggeration!

1. A lot's worth of living.
2. The room that comes in a package.
3. How Dixie was born. Wurlitzer ad.


  1. That February, '53 issue has our Ridgewood neighborhood (the Achievement in Small-House Planning)featured. If you need to find a new home for that issue....let me know, I could use an extra!

    I've got a huge stack of vintage BH&G and others - they are great for reference, and I've found several with St. Louis homes featured.

  2. Hi Nathan! Good to hear from ya. I haven't had a nice quiet moment to read through these magazines yet so I didn't even notice the connection. You would have heard from me "tout de suite" had I been more astute. I'm still marveling over the vintage ads and the original prices for a lot of what I covet so much today.

    Well, welcome to my little cyber-space claim. How did you come across my blog? I can't remember if I sent you an e-mail. I'm gonna guess it was via the Bertoia Diamond chair post.