Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The "Man Chair". Grab a beer, turn on the game and worry about mowing the lawn tomorrow. The Man Chair is calling. Status: Available.


Ok, Ok...the ladies can sit here too! The Man Chair ain't got no problems with the ladies! Grab a...I don't know...a Tab, turn on the what...soaps? and worry about the laundry tomorrow. Shees, calm down. Take a Mydol. HA....Just Kidding...too far?

My inner Dan Draper was typing. He's safely tucked back deep into Mr. Modtomics psyche. But I bet Danny Boy would like letting his troubles drift off while gently rocking a Sunday afternoon away in this sweet rocker. It kinda reminds me of a '60s First Class airline seat. Yeah, First Class all the way, baby! "Stewardess, could I get a Martini...two olives, very dry" D*mnit Draper, get back in my head and shut it! I think I'm in enough trouble.

Anyway, this swivel rocker lounge arm chair is upholstered in white vinyl and rust Frieze. Both are in pretty good condition for their age. The seat cushion is pretty thin and it's support layer is coming apart (as can be seen in the photo above). It wouldn't be to big a project to deconstruct the upholstery and replace the thin padding and support layer with new modern pieces. When I got the rocker the seam between the Frieze on the seatback and the white vinyl headrest area had split. I had to deconstruct the upholstery on the seatback to repair it. It took some time and effort but since it was just the thread that had busted it was worth it to save the chair. I'd go ahead and reposition the springs lower and ad a thicker layer of foam, but that's just me. It's eminently usable as is. I rocked out many an evening after work in this chair as it sits. But since I got the Selig Z chair, well...this guy is feeling a little useless. He needs a new home. Don't you want to give this chair a new home?

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