Thursday, September 16, 2010

Danish Modern "Floating" style desk. Nice size. Big enough for you PC or Laptop, pens, paper, empty beer bottles, flashlight, bills, printer, glue, markers, speakers, ashtray know...what gets you through the day. Status update: Gone.


Sweet, right? All wood construction the likes of which you just can't buy at the Plaza furniture store these days.

Don't know the manufacturer. No labels or marks. Finished front and back so you don't HAVE to push it up against a wall. Two standard drawers and one "file size" drawer. There are some minor finish issues on the desk surface but you know how your desk ends up.
You'll never even see these issues a week after you start using it! But, if you must, you could easily refinish just the top or the top and legs (some bumps and bruises here too). Heck, at this price you could paint it if that is your thing! The pictured chair isn't included but I do have a few other chairs that would go well with it for an appropriate adoption fee. This might just be the perfect Danish Mid-Century Modest desk for you!

Update: The desk is on it's way to a new home. It's not alone, with it goes the Sunbeam Automatic toaster.


  1. Yes. This was a pretty desk. It has made it's way to somewhere in Mississippi. The new owner had previously relieved me of a Brasilia Queen / Full headboard, side rails and Full footbard. He has friends who are local and had them come by to pick that set up a few months ago and hold it for him until recently when he could make his way up here. While here he dropped by and picked up the desk and the Sunbeam Automatic toaster too!