Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scores (and other pics) from the Grafton Flea Market. Status: Tempting me further.


Look at the big kittie!!! This was HARD to buy, you have no idea. I've been scoping Danish cat sculptures for a while. I've avoided buying any of them since I know where this is going to lead.


Yeah, pretty soon I'll have maybe half a dozen or more of these. Then I'll have to figure out a way to display them...and so on and so forth. Ugh. Oh, that's Kennedy in the last pic. He's displaying his dominance by lounging stylishly in front of the new arrival.


Also picked up a nice set of Frankoma dishes! These look to have been used so they might go in our everyday dish set. Not sure yet. No chips or cracks and only $14.50!


The flea market itself was kind of a bust. Too small and too much crafty stuff, but my family had a booth set up there so I came out for support. Unfortunately there were a lot of other things going on the same weekend, like a flea mkt in Soulard. But the drive up to Grafton from St. Louis (or even North County) is so nice.



  1. So glad you had a great drive to Grafton, it's really pretty. I am digging the couch frame in the bottom row. Of course, in my head I see it as completely redone and awesome looking. You don't happen to remember the price on it, do you?
    Keep up the great blogging work!

  2. Thanks for the moral support Kim!

    The (rather incomplete) sofa was priced at $60. I asked just before leaving and was sorta on the fence about bringing it home. I thought better of it as I kinda know it would just sit in the garage taking up space and collecting dust for a long time. It certainly is distinctive and even as I'm writing this I'm thinking that I maybe should have brought it home! Wow, I really do have a problem. But I have the cushion material out in the garage already! Hmmmm. Somebody, please go get it and stop me before I strike again!