Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quick question(s).

"Keep Out!" Unless you are the Bartender

Does anybody actually listen to any of the Music or Audio Stories (This American Life) that I have linked on the right?

Have you checked out any of the other places to visit I have linked on the right?

What do you think in general of how I'm doing?



  1. I love they way the blog is kept up, I know its hard to keep up on posts, and you're doing a great job. If I were to make a suggestion I would say thay i want more of the objects in use, and how you decorate with these great finds. That's just me, I'm all about the decorate. But I check into your blog everyday, so your doing something right.

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  3. I agree with Hannah, I appreciate your commitment to daily posting and enjoy checking your blog each day. I also enjoy sampling the music you suggest for us blog readers. Keep up the good work!

  4. I just found your blog tonight and I love it! I used to check out the Goodwill & Salvation Army stores on Forest Park all the time when I lived in St. Louis. The Goodwill in Affton was really good too. I miss those places a lot. Keep up the good work. I'll be looking at your blog each day from now on.

  5. I think I may have come up with one minor change that I will try out. I'm going to try Double Spacing the text. I know it seems minor but I know that I get Eye Fatigue when reading long paragraphs and I think you might too. Gona start trying it out with my next post.

    Anonymous - I 'm glad I can give you a taste of what you remember of Thrifting in St. Louis! That Afton Goodwill (the one on Morganford @ River Des Peres) is gone now but it's where I found that AMAZING Franciscan Starburst dinnerware set!