Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mr. Modtomics first "Before & After"! Got it at an estate sale and used it to further my upholstery skills. Status: Gone...but not forgotten


You know, the orange looks like crap in pictures but it didn't look too bad to the naked eye! It looked a lot better after the HOURS of staple pulling...

...and pattern cutting and re-stapling and lining up color patterns and trial and error. I like to think I

did a pretty good job. I'm sorta OCD about getting the corners right. I think that's the difference

between a pro job and an armature / hack job.


I think I spent about 4 hours on this chair. I got the striped fabric at another estate sale. It was actually

curtains! After I got it done and had some time to live with it, I wasn't exactly CRAZY about the

colors. They grew OFF me.

Sold Striped Mod Task Chair 04Sold Striped Mod Task Chair 08
Sold Striped Mod Task Chair 07Sold Striped Mod Task Chair 06

So I put it up for sale on my ad. It now lives in a happy new home! I'm just glad I worked real hard

on it and wasn't embarrassed or felt like I had to apologize for my workmanship. Take a look at the

BIG pics on my Flickr pages and tell me what ya think. Would YOU recommend me to a friend?

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