Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Amazing Sunbeam fully automatic toaster! Marvel at it', automaticness! Status update: Gone.


Ain't that mirror finish just lovely?  All that beauty...and Brains too!

Enjoy a quick Video of the Sunbeam in action by clicking below.

DON'T Try this at home kids!!!

Use bread like smart folks!  As you can see, after I trigger the toaster the elevator lowers, the elements heat up, cycle off and the elevator rises to its original position.  Magic? No...old school 'nology!  These are one of the most collectible toasters.  The other (which I haven't found a decent example of) really cool one is the single slice "walk through" Toast-a-lator.  I'll find one...or three...some day!

Update: Left today with the Danish Modern style desk.

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