Monday, September 6, 2010

A day at the Flea Market! I got some good stuff too. Status: Open to the public!


I picked up the Starburst Clock, the Black Starburst Ceramic Bowl, the Sunburst with Birds Metal Wall Sculpture and a few other items.

See a short video in the post!

Sorry for the crappy audio editing. I don't have any audio editing software on this PC.

It was a pretty good day, but not the best haul. The weather was perfect: Sunny, Breezy and Cool! Hurray for Labor Day weekend! I'm headed to yet another one tomorrow morning. I hope you enjoy the video. If there is a pic of anything on it that you'd like to see a better pic of leave me a note in the comments and I'll try to get it in here.


  1. What flea were you at? I didn't think we had decent fleas around here.

  2. The black bowl, I have one that is similair, and I also have two candle holders.

  3. hannah - This is kinda late, but it's the Wentzville Flea market. Sundays only.

    Mike - I had another EXACTLY like the black one except white (but I broke it)! Do your candle holders match the bowl?