Saturday, May 26, 2012

Guess What I Saw Down At The South County Antique Mall Today! Double Witco! Status: Still There / Left Behind.


I was super suprised to see some Witco action at one of our local antique malls today. Actually, for some reason, I'm always surprised to find Witco anywhere. Weird. This time the price is right between the piece I found at the flea market in Wentzville and the piece I found at the flea market in Belleville!


This set was pretty tough to leave behind. You all know I love the Witco. You all know I love the

Tiki. If the set had been priced at about 2/3 the sellers asking I might not have balked. Instead I

probably would be telling you about the keen set of Witco pieces I scored today. On that note. I

noticed a number of items that I thought might be a little over priced STILL languishing in their

respective booth spaces
, including an Eames Lounge knock off, an actual Eames / Miller Segment

Base Table, a large set of Red Wing Lute Song dinnerware, and a little Preway fake fireplace. All

still there. All pretty pricey. Hmmm.


This set of Witco hangings (prints? paintings?) isn't "pricey" but just on the other side of my

comfort level. I just couldn't pull the proverbial trigger. There was notable exception to the pricey

unsold bits. The White Daybed Sofa was conspicuously missing. As I recall it weren't cheap either.

I wanna say it was close to three bills. Part of the issue is that the South County Antique Mall isn't

necessarily a hotbed of Vintage Modern. Oh sure, you'll probably ALWAYS be able to pick up a

reasonably priced piece there, but it not like it's working toward being a Vintage Modern Mecca....

like the Green Shag Market. Even the name sounds like you're gonna find some Vintage Modern

madness there, right? South County Antique Mall? Sounds like you'll find...well, like you'll find it

in South County.


Almost looks a little out of place next to those country chickens!  I wish there was a database of

Witco on line with the names of all the pieces.  More and more of these Witco pieces are popping

up on my radar.  This Witco bench just showed up on craigslist - Pic 1 - Pic 2 - Pic 3.  At $125 it

too gave me pause.  I guess I'm just not what you would call a serious collector.  Cheap collector? 

Much more appropriate.


  1. I'm not sure why, but I hardly ever see any Witco pieces available in these parts. I'd love to get my hands on some for the store though! I may have had to think a bit about that bench too. Still, you could probably do OK with it...

    1. Hi A Mod. We spotted yet ANOTHER Witco today at the flea market! But, sadly, it was already purchased by some other lucky buyer. I got some pics and I will of course be posting about it soon.