Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Weekly Finds From The Flea Market And Treasure Aisle. Status: Clock, Art, Tiki!


I actually picked up this George Nelson "Ball Clock" reproduction (by Verichron) early last week when I took some time off work and made a quick stop at one of the two awesome antique malls on Big Bend rd.  Both often feature great Vintage Modern finds but I only had a couple of minutes to kill so I made a quick run through Treasure Aisle.  Lucky me, I found this clock at a reasonable price.


I've seen a number of these "Ball Clock"s on the web lately but haven't managed to spot one as

large as this.  Verichron offers a number of really nice reproductions and apparently two sizes (or

more?) of the ubiquitous "Ball Clock".  This one measures a sizable 20 inches across.  Note the

included packaging.  Note also that the clock is in the packaging upside down.


The clear plastic and part of the cardboard have a hole poked trough it leading me to believe

that this was a "second" or what we used to call a "cut out" when we used to buy vinyl records

and tapes new but at close out prices.  All of the original clear tape circles are still intact that

hold the clear plastic to the cardboard so I don't think this was used and put back into the

packaging wrong.


Also snatched from the antique mall, this Co Co Joe's Tiki statue. I've got like four or five pieces

of Co Co Joe's. I was introduced to it via a guy here in Florissant who sold me my first Predicta

TV. I've even got bookends and an ashtray!  I gotta make a little Tiki shrine with all these guys

some day!


This was found at the Wentzville Flea Market Sunday morning. It was at the same seller as the

Arc lamp set that I featured yesterday. The wood bit that represents the hull of one of the boats

looks like a Witco piece to me, as does the frame. There is no mention of Witco on the piece

though. Still, it totally rocks!


You just gotta love that title when you pair it with that fluorescent lime green! "Tropic". I'm going

to have to put Sunblock on just to hang this! The signature says Wilrongo.  This is the same artist

that did many of the large Witco pieces such as the Fire Dancers, Daisies and the Globe / Atlas.

I've already placed my Witco Tiki Mask looking piece above the fireplace (the brick one) but I

may be moving it so as to pair these up somehow.


  1. Love the "tropic" piece. I was hoping you were going to say you were putting it on Craigslist because I probably would have to snap that piece up! It is fabulous!

    1. Hi HT. The Witco seems to find me as well! I spotted (actually, the Girlfriend spotted and showed me) a couple of Witco Kitty Cats at a little second hand shop in Cuba Mo. but the proprietors wouldn't part with them. :(

  2. Wilrongo is Witco. Good find.

    1. Hi Anony. Thanks for the affirmation. I was pretty sure it was Witco but haven't seen this particular piece on the web. Do you collect Witco?

  3. Hah! I picked up a George Nelson for Verichron clock yesterday too! Only I found mine at HomeGoods. The HG I went to had two clocks, (I bought that one) and this one: They were $40 each. I got the hot HomeGoods tip from Kate at Retro Ranch Revamp!

    Nice find on the Witco. I always forget to look for Witco when I'm out and about!

    1. Hi Diana. HomeGoods huh? There's one not too far from here. I'll have to go check it out! I've already got 3 Nelson repros though. Not sure I need any more. But if they have these maybe I'll see something else I need!

      I don't actually "Look" for the Witco...I've just learned not to pass it up!

  4. Oh, you always get just the best stuff!!! I love that Witco! and thanks for looking at my dresser the other day...I'm going to paint it a clear blue - Jamaica Bay by Behr and up a high gloss black on the legs and drawer's just such a pukey yellow-green antiqued finish right now...well, actually DH Noel is going to paint it for me. I'm very lucky there..and If I ever get back to St. Louis, I'll be sure to give you a shout...and oh, I'm going to have a star burst clock post myself...very soon!

    1. Hi Crystal. Sounds like your dresser is going to look lovely when done! I'm glad that you are going to continue with the two tone originality! Can't wait to see your starburst clock. I've got a bunch of 'em up on our "family room".

  5. Love the painting!! I don't think I would be able to part with that either...

    1. Hi A Mod. It's a total keeper! But now I have to find a good place for it. ::sigh:: It's rough having too much awesome art!

  6. Great ball clock! Remember the seller I was telling you about with the Nelson clocks? They finally found one and It just shipped today!

    1. Hi Nick. That's good. Sucks having to go through all the trouble of getting your $$ back when a seller doesn't come through. Gotta check out the HomeGoods though, cut out the shipping and Not in Stock issues!

  7. I have that very same tiki! I inherited it after my grandmother passed away. I gasped when I saw yours, how cool!