Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Poor Frank, He Sometimes Gets Used As (Very) Temporary Storage. This Beautiful American Of Martinsville China Cabinet Had To Spend The Night In The Wagon. Status: Cleaned Up And Ready To Go!


This actually WAS a tough fit for Frank. It wouldn't have been if I'd filled him a little different. I put the bottom cabinet in first, ostensibly because it's heavier (open to debate) and then the hutch on top of that. Well, Franks cargo area is a bit more narrow at the top than at the bottom, so it took a little angling and wiggling to get that hutch in there!

But Frank took it with no complaints! I on the other hand...well, Sunday was toasty and I crawled

back into the drivers seat glistening with sweat. Thank you Frank...for having such an awesome well as an amazing air conditioner...I think I might got pneumonia now.


I've never seen this particular line before. I'm pretty sure it's American Of Martinsville though the

"tags" inside all say Bly Moss. I'm thinking that Bly Moss was the seller. Anyway, it's a beautiful

and simple design that would fit with just about any vintage modern dining set. As a matter of fact,

I think it'd go great with the Drexel Declaration set that I picked up a few weeks ago! I still haven't

gotten around to cleaning that up for sale yet. Sorry, I suck...and there's only so many hours in a

day. But maybe if somebody was looking for a package deal that needed a tiny bit of work...


I spent the better part of Monday afternoon and early evening cleaning this one up. It was pretty

filthy. It had that layer of gummy black "gunk" all over the horizontal surfaces. I don't know what

that gunk is but I have my theories. I'm thinking it might be from the kitchen and cooking (air born

grease settling on it) or from years of Lemon Pledge. Anybody got any other ideas? I tried a

number of ways to get it off. In the end, it was 0000 steel wool and (I know, I know...I sound

like a sales rep.) Pro Green Kleen that broke it down enough to be wiped off with a paper towel.

I went through a WHOLE ROLL of paper towels yesterday, cleaning my various new acquisitions!


I even attracted the attention of our neighbor across the street (who we've never really

three years...sad, I know) who wanted to know what was up with all the furniture in the driveway

getting "refinished" every weekend. I explained that...I have a problem. No no, I explained that

I'm not really refinishing anything, but just cleaning up what's already going on with the item and

then re-selling it on craigslist and soon at an antique mall booth space at The Green Shag Market

(5733 Manchester Ave. St. Louis, MO 63110 - did I mention there is going to be  a big parking

lot sale there next Saturday June 2


So I've already made this available on craigslist and, if it's still available by the time the Big Parking

Lot Sale at the Green Shag Market comes around next weekend, I might be able to bring it down

for that.  Not sure as it is quite a bulky item.  But if it don't sell in either of those venues I may make

it to Booth 44 INSIDE the Green Shag Market where I will be setting up "shop"!  So if you are

interested in making this lovely piece your own, don't hem and haw about might already

be gone!


  1. Hi V Hunter. Thanks, it was quite a nice find. It's so nice to see a piece that looked just OK on the original ad, all cleaned up and ready for a party!