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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This Was A Really Good Weekend. Saturday Had Good Pickin's And The Drive In. Sunday, The Auction And I Picked Up Some Lighting At The Flea Market. Status: Smiles All Around!


OK, so it was "middle of summer" hot and humid here in the StL all weekend and there were plenty of thunder showers spread around but still, it was a super if not epic weekend. Two days, two fun events...Gus' auction and the Drive In movies. Two days, two scores...the Eames table Saturday and on Sunday, these.


This first "arc" lamp is in pretty good condition. I managed to find two and a half of these style

lamps at the Wentzville flea market Sunday. While this one looks pretty good (the shade is a little

banged up but the chrome is in Really Good shape) the second one is kinda rough. The "Half" is

just the upper half of a lamp with a great shade but bad chrome on the arm. Maybe I'll paint the

"arm" black and sell it as a suspension lamp!


Yeah, this one is a little rough. But you gotta understand...they all three were a package deal and

it was truly priced flea market cheap! The chrome is corroded and pitted all along the spine of the

arm. I wonder how much it would cost to have the pieces re-chromed. Anybody ever attempted

such a thing? I know auto restorers get bumpers re-chromed all the time. Can't be All that big a

deal! The little dents in the shade can probably be massaged out and either painted or polished.

I'll probably try the polish first...if it doesn't work out, paint it is.


  1. I've been looking for one for a while! I'll be on the lookout for it on craigslist when you put them up. :)

    And it was nice meeting you and your girlfriend this weekend!

    1. Hi Rachel. Mmmmm...I'm not sure what's to become of these just yet. I'm gonna do a little research on getting the plating redone. Then I'll decide what's to become of them. I'll likely be keeping at least one of the two.

      I wish I hadn't been so distracted when we met! Next time we'll hopefully have more time to hang out.

  2. Re-chroming is expensive and nasty business. The is pretty much only one guy in missouri that does it and he is in Cuba I believe. I was in fact trying to find a guy to do some bumpers a couple years ago. If you do find someone else, pass it on.

    1. Hi johnny! I have heard that it can be pricey because of the caustic chemicals involved.

  3. Years ago Chris and I had a bumper for a 50's Buick rechromed at a place called Theiss Plating on Manchester. It turned out looking like new!! I don't know how much they would charge, but they're still there, close to the Woodard Rug cleaning place. cluelesscampers

    1. Hi CCs. Thanks for the heads up! I'll put them on the list.

  4. If the chrome is pitted pretty sure the pits would still show if rechromed.

    1. Hi John. I don't know how they do it but I've seen super pitted bumpers brought back new looking condition, so they must know some sorta magic or voodoo. I think what they do is remove the old chrome (and rust), put a heavy plating of copper on it then polish that smooth before plating a smooth coat of chrome on top.

  5. I've heard coke and foil will do the job!

  6. Seems like everytime I comment on your blog I begin with saying "Great Score!" haha. So yeah, great score!

    Chrome is very pricey these days. In this area I know of Stl Plating and Gateway Plating. I think there is a chrome shop in Belleville but I don't know the name of it. The only one in the area that I have used is Custom Chrome in Jerseyvill, IL 618-885-9499. He dechromed some motorcycle parts for me and I plan on going back to him when I get all my parts rechromed.

    It might not be too crazy of a price to get that rechromed though since is basically just a long tube and wouldn't be extremely hard to polish. Just drop by all the places I mentioned and get a quote.

    1. Hi Nick. Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll be doing a posting on getting things re-chromed if I actually get it done. My heart still weighs heavy when I think of the Florence Knoll (style?) table base I passed on for $75 down in New Orleans a while back simply because it had some chrome peeling off...and oh, it wasn't marked in any way.

  7. May sound dangerous, but i do remember as a kid taking steel wool and gasoline to chrome bicycle parts and bringing them back to an incredible luster. Remember to wax afterwards.