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Thursday, May 24, 2012

So What Did Mr. Modtomic Scrounge Up At The Belleville Flea Market? Just Couple Of Smalls. Status: Need Some Tiki In Your Life?


It don't seem like much, but the stuff ads up! 'Cuz of course I found some more stuff the next day at the thrift store. But this is the lot from the Belleville Flea market, well...this and the Teak / Glass end tables I featured a few days ago.


That's right! I picked up another iron Jax! This one is considerably smaller that the other I have,

but it's pretty cool none the less! I like how it's got chippy red paint that doesn't look chippy on

purpose. This one, like it's larger cousin, is a keeper. These are gonna look so good together...

when I finally get all the extra stuff out of the living room!


I picked this up for the Girlfriend. She loves the plastic / melmac stuff! All of these items were

bought from the same vendor and they had this little guy marked at $7. I thought the 7 was a 2.

After the guy added everything up I balked and offered what I thought it was worth. He balked.

I decided to just get the Jax. The seller relented. I hate haggling.


These are destined for the Parking Lot Sale at the Green Shag on June 2 where I'll be selling lots

of stuff. Aren't they great? They really speak of their time. Dig Retro? I'll have lots of stuff like this

available. I think the wood is Teak and I love that they have relief to them, they're not just flat.

They are little bumped up on the frames but I'm gonna see if I can clean that up before the sale.


  1. I hate haggling too...that is why I take a friend to do that! I know the value of the items and she haggles.

    1. Hi Ann. I know it's a part of the whole ritual and all, but haggling makes me feel a little cheap!

  2. I used to live in San Diego and would go to Tijuana quite often. The vendors wanted you to haggle on price - I didn't buy much because I don't like doing that either. I think $2 is reasonable for the sugar bowl but $7 is a little steep. The tiki plaques are awesome. I have been finding a lot of tiki mugs lately but I would like to stumble onto some "art"!

    1. Hi HT. The art was actually un-priced and sitting outside the vendor's "shop". They got a fair price for the lot. And Mr. Modtomic loves him some Tiki mugs!

  3. Mr. Modtomic, a little off topic, but are you going to the Gypsy Caravan on Monday? I've never been, some people told me they have good stuff, but since it costs money, not sure if I want to risk it to find overpriced stuff, or not enough retro/vintage items.

    1. Hi Anony. The Gypsy Caravan Flea Market is about like any other flea mkt you'll find here in the Midwest. There's gonna be TONS of stuff that you aren't gonna be interested in but sprinkled in between all that you'll find some real gems. I've never come home empty handed, but yes...paying $10 to get in kinda sucks. I'm pretty sure I'm going and I do recommend you go too. Look for me in an Oklahoma shaped cowboy hat with a PBR pin up front!

  4. Another Jax?! You seem to have a knack for finding those things, just like the Brasilia. Good score!

    1. Hi Nick. I WISH I could find these on a regular basis! I'm happy to have a doorstop AND a paperweight now. You up for some flea mkt action this weekend?

    2. Always! Give me a text and we'll make some plans.