Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trollin' Through The Thrifts Today. Couple Of Good Project Pieces. Status: Too Many Projects Already!


Don't worry, I didn't drag all these strays home too. The "pound" is pretty much at capacity. But I thought I'd share these great and interesting pieces with ya in case you're lookin'.

It's not just a little stylish danish desk. It's a sewing machine!  It even had some sewing supplies

in the side drawer.  The cabinet is in pretty good shape. It could use a good cleaning and some

Howards love.  The good news is...


...there is in fact a nice looking sewing machine included.  I didn't test it out or anything but I bet

it works.  $50 @ the Salvation Army thrift store Florissant doesn't seem like too much for a nice

looking little desk AND a sewing machine.  Too bad I've already got mine.


This little knee hole desk might need a  new coat of white lacquer but at only $35 (also @ Salv.

Army) you'll still be ahead of the game after the job is done.  And think how amazing this would

look after with a new shiny white coat of paint.


This dresser comes with a pair of mirrors (as seen behind the dresser) and apparently a head

board that you probably wouldn't be impressed with. The dresser has some wear and tear, but

like I said...these are project pieces. It could be easily used as is...I'm sure that most pieces

bought at the Salvation Army thrift store are used as found but this would look soooo good with a

little help. Even just painted it would look great. Look on Design*Sponge for creative paint ideas.


Lastly, I spotted these neat Speaker / End Tables at the Goodwill Florissant. These Empire

Cavalier 4000 speakers were apparently serious hi end Hi-Fi speakers back in the '60s. Too

bad they are missing their marble tops. If they were still intact I might have popped the $50 each

for these bruisers. 15" woofers with 20lb magnets and titanium dome midrange and tweeters. Of

course the speakers could be all rotted too. Still....those louvered cabinets are pretty darn cool

looking! Those would make for some Ri to the Diculous rear surround speakers ('cuz they'd be

on each end of your sofa).


  1. Cool, hard to find mid-mod sewing machine tables!
    Hey, also wanted to ask if you were planning on doing a set up at Shag Market on Saturday, June2? We just picked up an application.

    1. Hi RC. I spot a good sewing cabinet about 2 or 3 times a year it seems. I've got my limit though. And yes! I am setting up at the Green Shag...yard sale? lot sale? flea market? I'm not sure what to call it! But I'll be there! Obviously I'll be publishing a blog post proper about this soon.

  2. I "found" a sewing table very similar to that one when I moved into my new rental. It was just sitting in the garage waiting for me. It will be leaving with me when I go for sure! I can only imagine tht it would've ended up in the garbage bin if I hadn't been the one to rent this place.

    1. Hi V. Kitten. Nice! Way to keep it out of a landfill! It musta been fate.