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Friday, May 11, 2012

Nice Set Of Tables On C-list. Who's Driving To Greenville To Get Them For Me? Status: Too Far Away.


This set (yup, there's another piece that goes with this guy) is quite similar to the set I featured a couple days ago. Click through to get the link!

I'd offer more for this set but I really just don't feel like driving all the way out to Greenville them!

Here's the link!


  1. Definitely early '70's (from experience). Is it Lane or Thomasville???? Does the green shag carpet go with it? Having big time flood of memories! 1973, first apt. gold shag with new Lane furniture, second apt. (same building) green shag...
    Wish I still had it, oh well...
    BTW, great prices on this stuff! A little less than what it was new! Shoulda, coulda, woulda...

    1. Hi Kathryn. I was thinking mid '60s. Looks like Lane to me. I'd love to have a great big Shag Rug but I could never commit to full on Wall to Wall!

  2. Status:SOLD! I must thank you Mr. Modtomic! Seeing as how greenville is a straight shot up Rt 140 for me, I made the trek and bought them. They are in really nice shape. The coffee table is really long! Almost too long for my space. haha. You are right, it is Lane and the nice fellow selling them did say that his parents bought them new in the mid 60's. Now that I have 2.5 sets of living room tables I'll probably save them until I can find myself a house and figure out which set is best. Thanks again for the heads up on these!