Friday, May 4, 2012

While We Were Walking Around In California This Spring I Snapped Some Shots Of Stuff I Though Looked Cool. Status: Is It?


I spotted this building the first time we were in Oakland and took some pics with my phone.  This time I was smart enough to take the real camera with me!  I LOVE this tile.  Could you imagine having this in your kitchen as a backsplash or around your shower in the bathroom?


It's a pretty cool building too, dontcha think?  I totally expected to see a bunch of Herman Miller

/ Eames shell chairs in it's lobby...but alas, just spotted some steel folding chairs.  The tile, stairs,

railing and lights are the star here.


For some reason this building reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies! Maybe the bank looked like

this or something. It's been forever since I've seen an episode of that show.


Speaking of cool tile...while we were strolling around Oaklands "China Town" area I started

seeing all this cool tilework...and just happened to have the camera with me, so...  The shop and

restaurant owners were all eyeballing me with suspicion wondering why I was taking pictures of

the buildings they were occupying.  It's cool folks, I just like your tile!


This building was just down the street from Uhuru Furniture on Grand.  I love the trees.  They

look kinda out of place in front of a victorian home but whatever!  I'll take it!  I wish I had the

fortitude to groom something like this for the front of our joint!


This last set is of a building that was next to the car rental joint. I didn't see it when we picked up

the car because it was raining cats-n-dogs but just before the shuttle was ready to take us back

to the airport I ran out back and shot the two bottom pics of the side. The front was shot from

inside the shuttle with heavily tinted windows. Don't the doorways remind you of Brasilia?

Spooky! Wish I could have gotten better photos.


  1. Morning Chris, very cool tile. When I go to Ft. lauderdale in Fl. I love taking pics of all the cool MCM buildings and especially all the unique cement block screen walls down there.
    Those pillars look exactly like Brasilia except they are upside down, very cool. I love the Brasilia design elements.


    1. Hi John. I love taking pics of some of the random cool stuff I see but have a hard time figuring a way to share it here. This one seemed to work! I wonder if I could convince the Girlfriend to let me put some "Brasilia" elements on the outside of this house!

  2. Thanks for showing us that wonderful tile. The aqua tile really makes me smile.

    1. Hi Jennie. I use the image of that tile as the background on my desktop!

  3. I really dig the first building. It has a lot of cool elements! And those trees in front of the Victorian are super fun!

    1. Hi HT. I really hope some day to have the time and patience to cultivate some topiaries like those here. They look so Jetsons!

  4. Gosh! Why dont the offer tile like that anymore?! Turquoise with the paper clip pattern I would totally have that in my bathroom.

    1. Hi Mick. I know...everything these days seems to be the equivalent of "Greige". At least Pam over at RetroRenovation keeps us informed of places to get new old stock of stuff like this when it appears.

  5. Just crank up the song Brazil and or the movie when you need a fix!

    1. Hi John. Love the's so weird and creepy. Terry Gilliam has a genius aesthetic.