Sunday, May 20, 2012

Got Up Early And Made My Way To The Belleville Flea Market This Morning. Status: Beautiful Day For A Flea.


It did get a little warm out today but not so much as to compare with the usual St. Louis mid summer super humid misery. Nope, it was just a taste of Summer. Speaking of taste, here's a little taste of the Belleville Flea Market!

The Belleville Flea Market is one of the St. Louis area's premier flea markets. It's unfortunate that

it's only open once a month and then on sorta random weekends defined only as the 3rd full

weekend of the month. It's kinda hard to remember when it's open! But it's worth a go when I

do! I managed to pick up a few choice goodies. Here's some stuff that I didn't bag up.


There were lots of great lamps at this booth out back but none had a price on it. I'm not always

in the mood to talk shop, haggle or even just gab with the sellers and untagged merchandise

irritates me so I don't always ask. Sometimes it's hard to even figure out WHO to ask. It's just

too much trouble at such an early hour (for me).


As usual, there was a wide variety of interesting items available in all sizes and price ranges.

Actually, I was surprised to see a vintage modern bedroom suite here. That might have been a

first for me. It wasn't too pricey either. I think the chest of drawers was $70 and the bed was $40.


Did ya notice that big Witco piece up there? I Sure Did! Oooh, I thought I had scored but good

...until I saw the $200 price tag. That gaves me a sad. Oh may well be worth that to a

proper collector, but I'm a CHEAP-O collector!  And there some Georges Briard.  I'd almost

want those metal cups...and the Tonka stuff seems to be gaining in collectability.  A Corn Dog,

Funnel Cake and a Root Beer Float....breakfast of champions!  The Belleville Flea Market is

still going strong Sunday morning, you should drop by and see if you can find anything good to

haul back to YOUR pad!


  1. I scored a Witco World Map, last week at Brimfield. $200 really isn't that horrible.

    1. Hi 59KUSTOM. "scored a Witco World Map" (!) "at Brimfield" (!!!). I think I might hate you....X 2!

  2. My standard question is:

    I see you don't have any prices on these things. Does that mean that they're free, or that you're not really trying to sell them.

    And then they cop an attitude with me. Go figure.

    1. Dave!! ROFL HILARIOUS!!

      I'd love to do that, but I'm too big of a wuss. :P Those lamps are so purdy, though, I am drooling over here.


    2. Hi Dave. ::sigh:: If only I had my wits about me at any time before noon!

      Hi Anony. They were pretty nice. It's rare to find a vendor with so many nice lamps like that. They had lots of great retro stuff.