Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yet ANOTHER Good Reason To Visit Belleville Ill. On A Regular Basis! Stumbled Upon My Vintage Addiction While Shopping The Shops On The Square. Status: Lucky Me!


There are like four or five great reasons to put Belleville on your list of places to kill a Saturday.  The Skyview Drive In theater is my personal favorite.  There's the monthly flea market at the fairgrounds on the third full weekend of the month.  Don't forget Big Mama's Barbeque...get the "Uncle Ken's UNBELIEVABLY BIG JUMBO Pork Steak" and I assure you, you won't forget!  There are a number of vintage and second hand shops all down both East and West Main and My Vintage Addiction seems to be the newest attraction.


I was actually on my way back to my car to head home for the day when I spotted the storefront.

"My Vintage Addiction"? That sounded familiar. Turns out to be another local vintage hunter /

gatherer blogger
!  Well, luckily I just happened to have my camera with me and some free time

on my hands.  Let's have a look around their new shop which JUST recently opened...shall we? 

After you.


The joint was poppin' while I was there, making it a little tough to take the pictures. But it was

Art On The Square weekend. There were bound to be lots of people checking out the wares.

And My Vintage Addiction is more like a bricks and mortar Etsy shop than strictly a "retro" shop

like many of our other shopping venues.


You can pick up many interesting hand made items here as well. The mix of large items, smalls,

hand made and clothing items seems just about right. Of course, if it were up to me there'd be

tons more large items!  But that's just my thing...as you well know!


I was too busy taking pictures to check out the pricing.  I wasn't there to buy but to document

for youz guyz.  I should have looked more closely at the pricing.  I'm sure they must be reasonable. 

It's just nice to know there is yet another place to look for vintage goodness when the thrifts yield



Mr. Modtomic recommends a visit if you get a chance. The proprietors are super friendly and

will bend your ear for as long as you wish to bend their's. You might think that downtown podunk

Belleville Ill. isn't the best location in the world for a shop such as this, but a stroll through this

area is a lot like strolling through old St. Charles. There are plenty of shops, eateries and watering

holes to try out. Plus the area still has a little of that Mayberry charm! Check it out!


  1. What a cute shop! They're definitely merchandizing and displaying right on point with today's design trends too - well, the funky ones at least.

    1. Hi Eartha K. They've definitely got more restraint than I might have. I'd probably have the place stuffed crazy full! I'm gonna try real hard not to go nuts in Green Shag!

  2. Looks like I've got another place to check out when I'm on the East Side. How'd Belleville go? Any new goodies?

    1. Hi Nick. Looks like it'll be a fun place to stop in while making a run down E Main. I did manage to pick up some choice goodies while at the Flea Market. Nothing ground breaking but good solid stuff. Most, if not all of it, will be available at the Green Shag Market Parking Lot Sale on June 2 where I'll be setting up shop. I got three spots so I'll have plenty of room if you wanna bring a chair or 10 or some of that pile of Lane Acclaim you gots.

  3. Thank you so much for popping in the shop! We had a great time chatting with you + will be sure to stop in to see your finds at Green Shag (:

    1. Hi VintAddict. I really like your shop and had lots of fun meeting all of you. The shop looks great and I'm sure it will be a raging success.

  4. I usually go to the flea market every month, missed Sunday but will be checking out Vintage Addiction for sure! thanks!

    1. Hi Ann. I need to program my phone's calendar to remind me of which weekend it is! I often remember the weekend after. But there's all kinds of reasons now to head over, even if I do miss the Flea Market.

  5. I will try to swing by it is in my town. maybe today

    1. Hi TWW. Make sure ya tell 'em Mr. Modtomic sent ya!