Sunday, May 27, 2012

Somebody Beat The Mr. To It! Somebody Should Be VERY Happy! Just Not Me. Status: Well Ain't That Just A Kick In The Pants.


I spotted this set of Broyhill Brasilia from behind and as I came around the corner and recognized the nightstand a surge of adrenaline rushed though my veins!   Then I spotted the "Sold" after another.  Dang.

Oh, I know....I don't need no more Brasilia.  I've got plenty in my personal "collection" and I

seem to find the stuff like pennies laying on the sidewalk.  I wouldn't even have thought it a big

deal if the set hadn't revealed itself (or...been revealed...I guess?) in the way that it did.  If I had

just seen the Sold tags first.  Or if I just GOTTEN there first!!!  ::sigh::  I ain't cryin'...I just got

somthin' in my eye.


"I'm Sold"....."I'm Sold"....."sorry loser, I'm Sold!!!"  sorry, still a little bitter.  It's not so bad.  All

the pieces have little stick on circles to keep glass on their tops.  Not such a bad thing...and

otherwise the nightstand - oh those lovely, hard to find nightstands - the nightstand is in fine shape.


But this chest of drawers has all sorts of scrapes on it top.  A top that also has the little clear vinyl

stick on circles for a glass top.  So how did the scrapes get there?  Oh well, thrifters can't be

choosers.  What am I talking I had any choice....ahem...trying not to be bitter...We

thrifters have to take what we are offered, that's all I'm sayin'.


The six drawer chest of drawers fared better but still had the ubiquitous White Paint spatters on it.

None of this is any big deal to me...I'm just trying to make myself feel better!  "Sure, I missed out

on a killer bedroom set of Brasilia, but look how ganked up it was", ain't working on me

either.  Anyway, I might have missed out on the Brasilia set (It kills me how cheap this probably

was, too...ask Nick how cheap the Salvation army in St. Charles prices Brasilia!) but I did manage

to score something REALLY cool at the Goodwill just down the street.  Stay tuned for that!


  1. Now you know how i felt when I saw that you were the ones who got the brasilia on craigslist before me!!!

    1. Hi Nick. Oh hey! I know! This actually happens to me quite often. If not Brasilia, then some other amazing deal or keeper. If I posted strictly about "fails" this would be a MUCH more active blog! It's like photograpy...or picking up chicks...luck comes from numbers. 1 Win = MANY Fails! But still, I know it's gotta suck to sometimes see something your were angling hard for end up here. Buck up friend, there's plenty out there for everybody!

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    1. Hi John. Thanks for the kind words. Good start on your own blog, Wisdom Lane Antiques. I wish all the success in your endeavors. If you are looking to increase your traffic a bit just comment on other bloggers blogs and as often as as you can on big blogs like Apartment Therapy...but don't be obvious as places like AT will boot you for "spamming" or pimping out your blog too much.