Friday, January 31, 2014

You Might Remember These Norman Cherner Chairs From A Post A Few Weeks Ago Wherein I Had Featured Them In All Their Messy As Found Glory. I've Finally Had A Chance To Knock The Cobwebs Off (Literally) And Clean 'Em Up All Nice. Wanna Take A Peek? Status: Ready For Tags.


If I didn't already have my set of dreamy Kai Kristiansen Rosewood dining chairs I'd keep these for myself and hope to find a few more to populate my dining arrangement with them.  Alas, I think I may be done swapping out dining chairs, so these must find a new home.


Yes, very messy indeed.  These were pulled from a basement and posted on craigslist just a few short

weeks ago in the midst of a serious cold snap and lots of snow storms.  Mr. Modtomic showed no fear

and bravely faced the teeth chattering cold in the dead of night to procure these little beauties.  The

seller was right, the chairs are structurally sound, but the finish was a mess.  Most of that mess was

dust and cobwebs.  Some light cleaning and a treatment with Howard's Restore-A-Finish and 0000

steel wool took care of the rest.


Sorry, I ran out of time before work today to shoot the After pics.  The flash setting I use for night

shots does an admirable job but it certainly doesn't replicate daylight photos.  Still, you get the idea. 

They look lots better.  Why only two?  Oops, I had already completed one just to see how it was

going to turn out...then I though, "wait a minute, I should have shot a before pic!".  Now, Howard's

can do a lot for a piece of furniture...but it can't fix everything.  These still show their age.  No one's

going to mistake them for new reproductions, that's for sure...but if one were looking for a trio to

restore, these would be great candidates.  Or they will work find as is!


Oh how that missing fourth is driving me nuts!  But these could be mixed up with another set of three

chairs for that eclectic look that is so popular with the kids these days.  Personally, I can't handle it.  I

crave the order of a matched set, but some folks are of a freer spirit than this guy. 

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  1. If I lived closer, I'd try to nab one of those from you! I want a Cherner chair in one of the corners of my bedroom.