Tuesday, January 14, 2014

...And Finally, The Swag From The Midway Antique Mall! I Only Journeyed To Mid-Missouri For One Dresser, But Returned Home With A Car Load! Status: Nice Haul.


The last item I found at the Midway Antique Mall was this Moe Honeycomb pendant lamp.  It's in remarkably good shape, having no appreciable scratches or any cracks in that beautiful golden orange honeycomb cone.


This Mies Van Der Rohe BRNO style armchair was found WAY in the back of the Midway.  It was

heavy and that was a long walk back up to the check out counter!  This one is chrome plated steel and
not stainless steel but it's still a good reproduction and I'm not asking much for it.  The vinyl has a

 few bumps and bruises too.


Speaking of bumps and bruises, this Broyhill Brasilia (the piece that prompted the entire trip!) has a

little more character than the seller let on about; "Very nice 5drawer dresser 50 style all the drawers

are in good condition".  It looks great from 5 feet away, but get up close and you'll see the beauty

marks here and there.  Still, when I got it cleaned up with some steel wool, Restore-a-Finish and

Feed-n-Wax it stood proud, blemishes and all!


This pair of fiberglass armchairs aren't mine but are available in the consignment area.  Two chairs...

two different budgets.  The one on top is a genuine Eames / Herman Miller and I think it's got a $125 price tag

on it.  The one on bottom is a knock-off and I think it's got a $45 tag hanging off it's arm.  Get in

there and get 'em before they's gone!

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