Friday, January 3, 2014

The Other Little Score From Earlier This Week Was This Long Walnut Coffee Table. No Name Or Maker On The Bottom Or Anything Like That Though. Status: Mystery.


You just can't go wrong with a nice long walnut solid wood coffee table.  This is vintage modern 101.  You can drop this in front of your favorite vintage Danish sofa or a brand new piece from Macy's and it'll add a great deal of style and legitimacy to your joint.


There aren't any identification marks under the bottom of this sweet coffee table but it's construction

smacks of contract furnishings.  It's got style for miles so the contract furnishing edge just means it's

a tough nut to me.


There was another coffee table at the thrift where I found this jewel.  It was a Lane like my own

coffee table
but was pretty beat up.  The legs were painted black and the frame for the glass top

wasn't solid sculpted wood.  Strange.  I might should have bought it just for the legs and the glass top,

but the frame was banged up pretty bad.  Picking up this walnut table though, a no brainer!


The only markings on the bottom of the walnut table.  Who knows what the 860 means.  It and a

short message are scrawled on the bottom which is painted.  The message says something like

"Opening her eyes she saw the bright, blinding ??? out side the little train window."  Huh?  Yeah, I

got nothin'.  Anywayz, this will soon be a mystery for someone else to suss out as this long lovely

piece will soon be in my booth / room / shop at the Creve Coeur Antique Mall!


  1. Is it at the mall or sold yet?

    1. Ugh... Sorry, I was going to drop it off today but I just didn't have enough time before work. It'll be there Saturday! Promise!

  2. Just got back from vacation. Have you sold the table yet?

    1. Hi Anonymous.

      Ha! I put it in the booth at Creve Coeur but had forgotten to tag it until just a few days ago! It was there Monday.