Thursday, January 30, 2014

Savers Thrift Lot! Mr. M Found All Good Stuff At The Savers In Fairview Heights Last Sunday. Some Castle Silverware, A Royal Haeger Bowl And A Witco Owl. Status: Mini Haul!


Nothing like a little thrift haul to finish off a weekend.  Sunday we stopped by a couple of thrifts in Fairview Heights after scouring the antique mall.  The Goodwill yielded zilch but the Savers came through nicely!


This Royal Haeger bowl matches a couple of pieces I have available in booth 307 at the Creve Coeur

Antique Mall, so you can be sure it'll be joining them soon.  This line's finish is similar to Stangl

pottery.  I started to collect it myself, but I've already got a good collection of this in Orange / Red.


I can't resist a Witco Owl!  I love Witco and the dang owls are just so cute!  I've got it's mate hanging

on the can guess where, yup...booth 307.  I had a whole little family of these mounted on a

limb there but it recently got snatched up.  Everybody loves those Witcos!


Castle silverware with baby blue handles?  Yup, I gots some!  Actually, I have lots more than this, but

I couldn't just leave this there hanging on the wall.  Maybe I'll collect up some of this too and drop it

off in the booth soon.  We'll see.

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