Saturday, January 11, 2014

Today Found Mr. Modtomic At A Huge Antique Mall Near Columbia Mo Called The Midway Antique Mall. See That Ridiculously Big Ceiling Fan? There Were Like Half A Dozen Of 'Em In Here...Plus Lots Of Good Stuff! Status: Worth The Drive.


Seriously, have you ever seen such an immense ceiling fan? I can imagine the mayhem that would follow should they ever get cranked up on Hi! They'd probably lift the roof right off the building. But never mind that, wanna see some if the stuff that I didn't buy?


I drove out here to Columbia Mo today to pick up a couple of items spotted on craigslist

over the last few days and one of them was here at the Midway Antique Mall. One of the

nice things about buying from a vendor at an antique mall is that you can pay for an item

over the phone with a credit card and then pick up the piece at your (relative) leisure. I

actually bought the item a few days ago and had to wait for the highway to thaw before I

even could go pick it up...leisure or not!


I'm glad I had to wait because yesterday I found some more booty to snatch up via

Craigslist while out there. I know, your like "What's The Stuff?!", but you'll have to wait to see

that until later. For now just take a peek at some of the interesting things I spotted while

wasting a good portion of my afternoon wandering around this really big joint. If you can make

your way there, I highly recommend you do!


Oh, and this is only Half of the photos I shot. Tomorrow I might show the rest. There's one

vendor here in particular who has multiple booths, all under the same number (220 I

believe) who speaks our language. She's got some impressive wares to offer as you'll

see later. I might have to visit this place on a semi regular basis!



  1. Those huge fans are made by the "Big Ass Fan Company" (really). They have them in the gyms where I work (Columbus Recreation and Parks Dept.) and if we turn them up to 250 rpm, then they will redirect basketballs or volleyballs while in flight

    1. Hi Bopfish.

      Big Ass Fan Company! Ha! Now THAT'S truth in advertising!