Thursday, January 23, 2014

Work Vs. Reward. Sometimes You Hit Several Thrift Stores And Come Up Empty Handed. Then You Find That ONE Thing At Your Last Stop! And Sometimes That One Thing Makes It All Worth The Effort. Status: NIB


I had taken a trip to South County visiting Tandy Leather and the South County Antique Mall, picking up some beautiful suede from Tandy but otherwise not I headed for the southern thrifts that I rarely hit.  After visiting two others I found this NIB Dansk salad bowl set at the Goodwill for a song.  Score!


It was still on the roll out cart and probably wasn't going to ever make it to the shelf, whether or not I

nabbed it up.  It's new Dansk and definitely not vintage.  Still, I think the Dansk Tronada Salad

Service Set is retired as it took me a little while to find what a set like this costs new (anywhere from

$60 to $100).  New or not, I'll be proud to offer this up in my booth soon.


Seems like the New In Box stuff you generally find at the Goodwill is from Target.  Does Target

carry Dansk?  Doesn't strike me that they do.  Makes me wonder how this lovely set ended up on that

cart at the Goodwill.  So yeah, only found one item at the thrifts, but it was a good one.  Sometimes

it's worth all the driving around and scrounging through the shelves!


  1. I'm sure you know this, but Target has an agreement with Goodwill to donate their unsold clearance items.

    My guess on the Dansk set is unwanted wedding present. Something I would give as a gift too that is bound to be misunderstood!

  2. I agree with Heidi on the wedding present. We were given a really nice Lennox salad bowl and serving set that wasn't on our registry and was really much more ornate than our style. It took me about seven years to get over the guilt of getting rid of such a nice, well-intentioned gift but functionality (and needing to clean out our basement) won out. Good score for you though! Cheers - CT