Tuesday, January 7, 2014

These Cherner Ant Chairs Are The Very Definition Of "Farm Fresh"! I Haven't Even Swept Away The Cobwebs Yet. Yup, Another Late Night Craigslist Find. Status: Awaiting Cleanup.


Mr. M just plain ol' got lucky this evening!  I almost always go for a walk on my dinner break from work and even though it was about -3 degrees out, I still did so this evening.  Much to my chagrin, almost all of the places I dine at were closed so I ended up at Schnucks Market downtown, half frozen.  Uh, that's obviously not the lucky part.


Yeah, a trio of Norman Cherner Plycraft "Ant" Chairs...that's the lucky part!  Well, part of the lucky part.

As soon as I sat down to eat my dinner I got out my phone and opened up craigslist.  About the Sixth

item down was an ad for this fantastic set of dining chairs...and the ad was only minutes old.  Sweet.


I wasted no time calling the number and arranging a meet with the seller.  I was a little surprised they

were down with meeting me so late on such a cold evening.  The roads around here are a mess.  I

don't really have a problem navigating them covered in snow, but the other drivers...that's a whole

another story.  These people get stuck...at intersections.  I saw three cars turned around backwards on

the INSIDE lane of the highway.  I'm kinda surprised I didn't see any upside down!  And they drive

sooooo sloooowwww.  ::sigh:: At least it should all be gone by this weekend.


None of that was gonna stop me from claiming my new prize!  Yeah, they need some serious cleanup

but then, just about everything you find needs some help.  And I feel like this is payback for the

stupid New Years Day auction from a few years back (see pics here, scroll to bottom of post) wherein

everything was being bought at eBay PLUS prices, including a set of chairs much like these!

Vindication is mine!

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