Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Working A Later Shift Today Afforded Me The Opportunity To Deliver A Few More Large Items To Booth 307 This Afternoon. It Still Looks Pretty Empty Though...At Least To My Eyes. Status: Getting There.


Not only did I get to drop off a few more items this afternoon, but I also had a chance to take a few vignette photos while there. It's amazing how quickly the time gets away from you when you have to tag all these wonderful items though. I had to shoot these pics more quickly than I'd have liked, but some of them turned out nice.


I really need another good solid weekend of decent weather to breathe life into this space.

I've still got plenty to bring over but some of those pieces need to be assembled or want for

some sort of attention before being displayed. Also, I've got to get some art up on those

barren walls! Those large swathes of stark white are driving me a lil' nuts.


I finally got the Heywood Wakefield dining table in that goes with the "Dogbone" Hey-Wake

dining chairs you saw last time. The PK-24 Lounge / Chaise came along for the ride too but

I forgot to bring the leather head rest. It looks half naked without it! I also managed to

squeeze that Alvar Aalto style lamp table into the back of Frank. I had to be careful though

with how much stuffing I did as the PK-24 Lounger needs a little more care taken with it's



Except for the missing head rest, everything is tagged up and ready to go. This weekend is

supposed to be much nicer than the last couple of days, so I expect to be shaking lots of

hands and kissing lots of babies here while bringing in and tagging more stuff! I've already

bumped into a couple readers while out here. Don't be afraid to say "Howdy"!

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