Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First, Happy New Year!!! While In NOLA, We Never Made It To What Used To Be Neophobia (And Is Now Loisel Vintage Modern) But There Was Plenty Of Cool Stuff At The Magazine Street Antique Mall To Scavenge Through. Status: Recommended.


Neophobia was always one of our favorite stops in New Orleans.  I guess it's been a little while since our last time through since we found it gone and in it's place Loisel Vintage Modern.  We peeked in through the windows up front and were sorely dissapointed that we weren't able to get in, but I am happy with their choice of name.  I've been championing the term "Vintage Modern" ever since I started blogging as a more appropriate label for that which we all love.  Seems to be catching on!


Wow, look at all that Federal Glass Amoeba style glassware!  Like the Blue Heaven dinnerware I

featured a few days ago, this represents the late '50s early '60s perfectly.  Same vendor as the Blue

Heaven so this might all have come from one estate sale.  Man, those folk musta' been a ton of fun to

party with!


I picked up some Tiki glasses at a thrift while in NOLA and then we spotted tons of them here at the

Magazine Street Antique Mall, so I'm thinking that a restaurant or bar that served lots of exotic

cocktails must have closed recently. 


These candelabras struck me as probable IKEA products, but there was no way to tell for sure.  The

seller thought they were pretty special (as do I, design wise) as they wanted quite a bit of dough for

them.  Much more than I was willing to part with!  Anybody ever seen these before?  Pretty sure

they're actually CB2 pieces but can't find any in raw aluminum.


There were plenty of cool lamps available.  In my estimation, lamps are one of the best ways to set a

Vintage Modern direction toward your personal decor, yet lamps (like dinnerware) seem to be the

most difficult to shift from my booths at the antique malls.  What gives?  Am I over estimating their

value as decor?


Some random cool stuff.  I've always wanted a huge sailfish or swordfish mount for behind the bar

here at home.  I feel it would set a real manly Ernest Hemingway vibe, countering the real June 

Cleaver vibe cast by all the dinnerware, barware, cookware collections gathering dust elsewhere in 

the joint.


This little Lane Acclaim desk almost escaped my attention, so piled high with other crap as it was! 

Still, it just managed to catch my eye and out came the camera / phone.  I didn't have the time to clear

it off and it's finish looked so rough that I didn't really think it needed to be highlighted so I just took

a couple quick photos, just to document it's existence - since I've never seen this particular Lane piece

before.  A little pricey for the midwest market but down there that might be a candidate for refinish

and flip.  What do you think?


  1. I don't know, Acclaim might be hotter than Brasilia around here. Of course it's easier for people to transport a coffee or end table than a whole dining room suite. Still I have seen a couple of larger Acclaim desks sell for $450-$550 and an acclaim dresser sell for $600. If I could have stuffed that in my car, I'd have made an offer and taken it home with me

    1. Hi Bopfish.

      I did do pretty good on an Acclaim desk a few years ago and I don't know if I've ever even Seen an Acclaim bedroom case goods, but the livingroom tables are so crazy ubiquitous around here that I'm almost blind to them anymore! I'd love to find a dining table and chairs though!

  2. I've got that same table, except mine has the series one handles. I'd always though of it as more of a sofa table, but I'm actually using it a desk. that's one of the rarer small pieces for sure.