Friday, January 10, 2014

Last Time I Brought A Load Of Loot Home From New Orleans I Feel Like I Did A Little Better Than This Trip, But Then We Had A Little More Time To Shop Then Too. This And The Tiki Mugs Are All That Came Home With The Mr. Status: Matched Set.


These matching ashtrays and yesterday's Tiki mugs were the only items I could find to bring home from our latest trip to New Orleans.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I also bought a few large pieces of suede for an impending project.  Oddly enough, the leather shop was nearly right next door to the thrift store!


Yeah, you'll have to wait to see the suede, at least until that particular project is done and

ready to move. These though, I have no problem showing off now! I love finding non-

professional decorated pieces like this that are still quite nicely done. And Bonus! They're a

matched set. There'll make they're way down to one of my booths sooner or later but I'm

kinda burnt out on tagging (and lifting and moving and loading and unloading) at the

moment, so who knows when it might happen.


Thank God I already had a bunch of small already tagged before any of these moves I've

had to make over the last month. As I get more situated I'll get more of them down to Creve

Coeur, but for now what's there will have to suffice. I've got more large items headed there

this weekend and maybe I can convince the Girlfriend to do some smalls tagging for me

then. We'll see.

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