Monday, March 18, 2013

A While Back Mr. Modtomic Scored His Dream Dining Table But Wondered If He'd Ever Find The Right Chairs To Surround It With. Done! Kai Kristiansen #42...Meet Florence Knoll And Oscar Niemeyer (Via Broyhill). Status: Strange Bedfellows?


(Dag, I gotta clean that carpet.)  Another "keeper".  Actually; "set of keepers"!  I think I've found the chairs that will permanently grace our dining room.  I can't imagine finding a cooler set than these Kai Kristiansen / Schou Andersen Rosewood dining chairs...Ever!

Florence Knoll table and Broyhill Brasilia Chairs - China Cabinet - Buffet 01DSCN2696

The Broyhill Brasilia "Cathedral" dining chairs were perfectly competent chairs to pair up with my

Florence Knoll dining table
as you can see from the above first photo.  They worked, but I wanted

something a bit more I've got three Brohill Brasilia dining tables that either are or soon

will be available and I'd like to set the Cathedral chairs up with them!  Moving from tall back to short

back chairs will take some getting used to though.


The new "Z" dining chairs are in Rosewood though.  The dining table is pretty light.  I think it's walnut

with a light cherry finish.  The china cabinet, buffet and server are all Broyhill Brasilia and are in a dark

walnut. least I DO need to refinish the table top and maybe a darker stain will help to

unite these disparate woods and finishes.


Getting these, I like to think, is karma payback for missing out on the last set of Kai Kristiansen #31

that I came across a while back.  You might remember my somewhat embarrassing little crybaby

rant about missing out on that craigslist score
back in September of last year.  If it is, it's payback...with

interest!  I try not to write about what I pay (or get) for any particular item here on my blog.  It's just not

that kind of blog, but I will say that I probably paid less than 1/4 to 1/5 the going rate for these exquisite


DSCN2708tag edit

Above you can see some closeups of the dazzling striations in the polished Rosewood.  I believe the

Kai Kristiansen #42 chairs were only produced in Rosewood and Teak.  These definitely aren't Teak.

As you can see, they've already got the "King Larry McDuff" seal of approval.  Like most Vintage

items, these aren't perfect by any means.  They've got a bump here and a scratch there, but over all

they are in very good condition.  Some are missing the little screw covers where the seat backs attach,

but that's probably the worst of it!  I've included two versions of the tag photo, one "as photographed"

and another edited to make reading the super light print a little easier.


  1. Those look a lot better scale wise with the table! Great find!

  2. Those are beautiful chairs! I'm a huge Brasilia fan but I agree the new ones pair better with the Knoll.

  3. Wow, I never thought I'd call anything an 'upgrade' from Brasilia, but those are indeed an upgrade! They actually show off the other Brasilia pieces in the room better! LOVE IT!! Nicely played, sir.

  4. OMG - I have a very similar story! I bought the table an have looked for four years for some Cherner chairs. I drove by the dealer and saw the 42 outside and I am seriously considering. My table is rosewood -

    neither the table or the chairs are signed but they are both originals.

    Funny how similar our stories are!!!!


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