Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dropped By The St. Charles Goodwill And Got "Served" Up This Beautiful Corning Buffet Skillet / Server. Status: Added To The Collection!


I found this amazing Corning Ware serving piece over the weekend while out at the thrifts.  I love this line.  It's just so sleek and sublime...especially considering they were introduced in the mid '60s.  Before doing any research I would have though these were a product of the 1980s.  Not to say the '80s were sleek and sublime but the decade did have it's moments.


I've already got a pan this size in my budding collection but I didn't have the serving cradle. I think there

are supposed to be little "feet" that attach to the bottom of the cradle were you can see the four holes

in it.  The holes had me wondering because the slot in the side is ostensibly there to hold the lid and I

assume the indention between it and the circular section was there to collect the runoff condensation

from the lid, but the holes would just let the moisture ruin your fancy new Broyhill Brasilia buffet, right?!


So, I'm missing the "feet" that attach to the bottom of the cradle, but I did find a bonus when I got the

set home and pulled loose the tape holding the lid on.  Inside there was a packaged matching clamp on

handle!  Sweet, since the more "modern" style of clamp on handle that fits all the Corning Ware pans is

relatively hard to find. I've actually only got one other and it too came with a 10" skillet that I picked up

a few years ago at an estate sale.  I'd love to find a dutch oven and some of the other pieces in this line

I've been lucky enough to have found mostly unused pieces so far.  You think maybe people thought

these were to pretty to use regularly?

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