Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Over The Weekend I Was Lucky Enough To Be Able To Procure Another Set Of West Elm Jacobsen Series 7 Reproductions. I'm Pretty Happy 'Bout That Cuz The Last Set Garnered So Much Interest And Moved Quick. Status: Deja Vu.


Lucky me!  Another set of West Elm bentwood dining chairs.  I found these Sunday afternoon after a little morning craigslist fail.  Seems that there are actually some sofas that are too large to fit into the back of Frank.  But we turned that frown upside down this morning and I'll share that story with you later.


Like the previous set that I found and dropped off at The Green Shag Market, this Batik print set of

four West Elm dining chairs is "out of print".  There seems to be a dozen or more different prints that

have been available over the past years and new ones are always coming out.  Some are by well known

designers and artists.


This particular set isn't in as good a condition as the last.  Some of what appears to be clear coat is

chipped away and there are some scratches here and there.  From five feet away you can't really see

the issues.  They only become apparent upon closer inspection.  For that reason these have a tag on

them that is somewhat less dear than the last.


The other interesting anomaly with this set is that two of them have white dots and two have cream

dots.  Weird, that.  The previous owner, who had owned them for some time, had never even noticed. 

I don't actually tend to look things over that carefully but I "spotted" it right away.  I don't really think

anyone would care since they are so very close in color.  As you can see from the photos, these are

already in Booth 5 at The Green Shag.  If you are interested, get down there quick...they probably

won't last!

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