Friday, March 22, 2013

Ahab Had His Great White Whale...I Had This. I've Missed Out On A Number Of Pearsall Coffee Tables In The Last Few Years But I've Finally Netted This Fine Catch. Status: Headed To Da Fish Market. Update - GONE!


Last night, just before shutting down the old (nearly antique, by computer standards!) PC, I thought I might peruse C-list one last time before heading off to bed.  Good thing too, cuz this Adrian Pearsall biomorphic coffee table was a waitin' on me there!  I shot off an e-mail to the seller and shuffled off to sleepy town, hoping for the best.


I had another appointment with a craigslist buyer myself at around 11:30am so I had to drag my tired

bones up outa' bed early (for me) anyway and when I did I found that I had slept through a text message

response from the seller.  I had figured that they would be at work, like most sellers, well past the time I

had to arrive at work so I had asked if we could meet after I got off work.  They had responded that

meeting then would be fine but also that they were available Any Time.  So I did a little groggy morning

sleepyhead math and figured I'd be able to take care of my buyer And drop by the sellers place before

work.  Hey, that candle ain't gonna burn itself at both ends, is it?


My timing worked out beautifully and I managed to find the Giant Witco Three Wise Men (I think

that's what it is) a new home, stop off and pick up this (and something else really, really cool) from

the craigslist seller AND still get to work on time!  Anyway, about this table: you don't often find these

with the triangular center piece still intact.  The seller had a nice floral arrangement in it but she was

correct in assuming I wasn't interested in taking that with the table.  Wouldn't a nice arrangement of

succulents look great in there?  Or maybe a little Zen garden.  Dunno...but whatever is put in there,

it'll be center stage!  I have to put a touch of glue in the joint of one of the legs and then this is headed

to Fleur De Lis - Home Source, unless someone shoots me an offer before then that I just can't refuse!

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  1. That is a great find! You are a craigslist Ninja! Cheers - CT