Saturday, March 9, 2013

I Made What Is Fast Becoming My "Weekly Visit" To Check My Booth At The Green Shag Market Today. I Dropped Off the Stakmore Dining Set If Anybody Is Interested! Status: Spring Forward Weekend!


Yep, I dropped off the Stakmore folding dining set at The Green Shag Market today.  If you're interested, better make haste...dining stuff seems to be going fast lately.  All the Brasilia chairs got snatched as did the West Elm Jacobsen repros.


There's been some moving around of some of the vendors and some new vendors too.  This booth

seems new.  It's more Decor than strickly vintage but it's gorgeous anyway, don't you think?  They

make pretty good use of their space as well with the one Big shelf system - then leaving the rest of the

space for larger items and wall display.  I wish them all the luck!


Even so, there's room for more occasionally.  I can't wait to see who's moving in here.  If that lovely lamp

is any indication...I'm pretty sure they'll have awesome stuff!  Speaking of awesome stuff...need a neat little

retro telephone stand?  Wow, that's going way back.  Remember when phones stayed in one place...and

you had a big yellow book that you looked in to get a phone number?  Weird.


Oh, and how about these amazing end tables?  Wow, drop...dead...gorgeous!  They're Lane but I've

no idea the name of the line.  I didn't check ( I was pressed for time) but I think those caned fronts are

drawers.  They look, from this angle, like they are in very good shape too.


And of course there's all sorts of other good things to grab up while your looking around.  That little

encyclopedia bookcase is, BTW, very reasonably priced.  Psssttt...these go for about a $125 on eBay...

and this one is NOT priced at $125!  Not even close.  Plus...I mean, c'mon...check out the sofa, retro

TV and curve back dining chairs!  There's always a lot of great stuff down at The Shag.


  1. Those dining chairs are really nice. You are right they won't last long.

  2. My Dad has a whole set of those Lane tables- one end table, a guitar pick shaped table and a surf board coffee table (there might be one more table...). I love 'em

  3. I am in California, but just curious how much you are selling the Stakmore set for?

  4. Hi there - I'm really interested in this dining set & I'm in St. Louis. Can you tell me if it's still at the Green Shag & for how much? Thanks!