Sunday, March 10, 2013

Had To "Man" The Shop Today While Mom Ran Around Town With The Sis And Aunt. Got A Start On A Project While There That I'll Soon Be Able To Share, But For Now Let's Take A Look At Mom-Tomic's Offerings! Status: Pretty Pretty.


"Well, Hi There!  C'mon In!"  We had lots of visitors this fine Saturday afternoon.  Didn't sell anything but it's nice that we are getting that walk in traffic and people seem to like the shop.  But of course!  How could they not?


My mom's part of the shop is nothing like mine.  Well, I mean...she still sells tables, chairs, sofas, other

furnishing and's just a different style.  Then again, looking around the shop I was surprised

today to find a number of smalls that I'd love to have tossed around in "my area"! 


I'm sometimes taken aback at how little my mom will ask for some of these lovely items.  Of course,

sometimes I'll drop off a couple of low priced items in my booth at The Green Shag to make sure I

have some bargains in there from time to time.  It can't hurt to make sure a few lucky buyers feel like

they just scored once in a while!


She just brought back a bunch of "new" stuff from Atlanta a few weeks ago too, like this minty green

double chair with claw and ball feet.  It ain't fancy but it ain't supposed to be...not like that beautiful

wood (liqueur?) cabiniet.  Now that is a fine antique (maybe...what do I know?).


I believe the term these days for this style is "Cottage Chic".  Since moving in here and being exposed to

more of this style I've been keeping a watchful eye out for this style on C-list.  I've sent mom a number

of texts about this item or that and she's snatched up a couple of them.  I'm starting to hone my skills in

this area too.  Right now though, mom knows best.


So that's how the shop looked when I left today, but as I was leaving my mom, sister and aunt were

bringing in LOADS more new stuff!  I don't know what all they'll find room for in here but you can bet

that we'll always have plenty more new stuff to check out each time you visit!  I know I'm always getting

new items to get out there and I've got a garage full of stuff that I need to clean up and tag too!  Oh, and

that project I involves re-covering the Selig / Larsen armchair.  It's about half done and

looks marvelous.  I'll be showing it off soon.


  1. Although I have no love for what your Mom has to offer, I can appreciate what she loves. Everything has it's price and we all love what we sell! My wife is a long time afficionado of vintage clothing and knows more about this particular genre than anyone in most of the country! You can find her here
    and she has an Etsy link as well here:
    My apologies for the shamless self promotion on Mr. Mods blog...Just thought you might have an interest...

  2. I don't mind a little shameless self promotion! I do it myself from time to time and think it's perfectly fine as long as it's on topic and not just a robot comment. Here's the links in clickable form.


    YesterDazeVintageFL <--etsy store.

  3. Wow, your mom's got quite the eye as well...shows where you get it from! That's the type of 'antiques' one finds in all the stores where I'm from, although I must admit that hers looks WAY more upscale and inviting. Around here the dealers just pull it out of the barn and bring it in. I like that you mentioned cleaning things up. That seems a foreign concept where I'm from and I don't get it. I'd much rather buy something that I can look at without need of a tetanus shot, wouldn't you?
    I've had that 'cottage' or 'shabby chic' style for many years, long before it was in vogue in my rooms at my parents' house. As it was a log house and my mother HATES MCM, it was the closest I could get (by relying on a bit of 1940s and 50s traditional and kitsch mixed with a little Victorian) to the time period I really loved! Now that I've moved into my grandfather's MidMod, most of that stuff just looks wrong! Thank god for my grandparents' Modish tastes and for the stash of MCM I'd been hoarding away in my parents' basement all these years...and, of course, for Craigslist and Facebook! Can't wait to see that chair! I want to learn to reupholster, but I'm terrified of it!