Friday, March 29, 2013

Wow, It's Turning Out To Be An Eames / Herman Miller Haul Weekend Here In Canton TX.! I'm Snatching Up Other Various Smalls As Well, But It's All Eames That's Filling Frank Up. Status: Still Got A Little Room!


I spotted this table still loaded up on a trailer last evening just as we were leaving.  I was hoping to get to the sale early enough this morning that I'd be able to grab it up before anybody else noticed it.  Well...things didn't work out quite like that, but they DID work out!


Uh...I forgot to shoot a picture of the table before breaking it down, but you know what an Eames /

Miller Segment Base table
looks like.  Like I said above, I wanted to get to this early thinking it might

not be there long...but apparently none of the other scavengers out this Friday morning knew what an

Eames / Miller Segment Base table looks like!  We walked ALL over the Giant flea today before

stopping by the vendor who had this loaded up on his trailer the night before and STILL it was

available when we got to it.  And it was Dirt cheap!


I picked up this wheeled cart just before we left St. Louis knowing how big the Canton First Monday

Flea is.  It's paid off big.  Nothing sucks more than having to run a large item back to the car...Miles

Away.  I knew I'd pass on larger items if I didn't have a way to tote them along while we continued to

shop.  And this is what happens.  That cart just gets heavier and heavier!  I keep the blue plastic bin

tied down on it with a ratchet strap and put a small tool kit in it along with more tie downs, water, jackets

and various other sundries.  Then I can put smalls in it too while we shop.  At any rate, it got a work out

with another three Eames / Miller shells (on desk bases) and another Eames / Miller Contract Base table

getting strapped to it and dragged around all day.  Wait, no...that was me and the Girlfriend who got the



The vendor I grabbed up the Eames desks and the Contract base table also has a very nice George

Nelson desk base and a couple of Arkana / Burke Safari chairs.  Fella's got good taste!  As you can

see above, he did have one lone orange shell chair but it was the fifth of a set and he kept the four really

nice ones.  This last one was a little rough.  I've never pulled the upholstery off a shell, what can I expect?


I didn't buy up everything I spied out.  I'll admit, I'm a cheap bargain hunter.  The beautiful lamp and

the Paul McCobb table and 3 (mismatched) chairs were just outside my comfort zone, asking wise.

But boy don't the blood pressure jump when you see something like the McCobb set at a flea market...

hoping that it'll be like $160 or something.  It was rough was the cool looking orange and

black magazine / log rack and that oh so sad Arthur Umanoff barstool and even a Homecrest patio

dining chair.  But I do love digging through the junk-tiques!


So then, after dragging the big new cart around half of Texas all day (at least the weather is

PHENOMENAL!!!), I get back to Frank and find that I've got to stuff Three more chairs (with

desk arms) and two tables in Here...And fit the cart in too!  No problem.  It all fits and there still

room for more.  We're going back again tomorrow!


  1. Looks like a really fun trip! I probably would have a hard time passing on the McCobb set if the price was even close! This type of trip is our idea of a shopping vacation!

  2. Oh man, it looks ridiculously thrift-tastic (flea-tastic?)