Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Know I've Shown You The Gondola Sofa In The Living Room Before, But I've Made A Little Change. An Upgrade If You Will. Different Cushions And A Pop Of Color! Status: Renewed.


You might remember this sofa from a post I did a couple of years ago.  It looked a little different.  It's cushions weren't very pretty and I had them disguised rather cleverly with a heavy cheetah print sheet that acted as a slip cover.  But it just was never gonna be a permanent solution.


Above you can see that the cheetah print sheet did actually do a pretty good job on the sofa's old

cushions.  It even stayed in place when we had guests and parties.  But I was always hoping to deal

with the unattractive original cushions in a more permanent way.


So I used the cushions from another gondola sofa that I have out in the garage and just traded them

out.  They were the same size and shape so "Poof" problem solved!  AND they look fantastic...

especially against the jewel blue living room curtains.


Yep, there's the throw pillows that end up on everything sooner or later.  They work here pretty well. 

As you can see, nothing is ever permanent around here.  I'm always moving things in and out and

around.  You can just see that the old Lane "scissor" table in the first photo that has been replaced by

the glass top table here.


I'd love to find a beautiful Adrian Pearsall / Craft Associates gondola sofa to replace this some day. 

Just before our last party I took a little time and upgraded the hardware attaching the seat-back uprights

to the base.  The sofa took a bit of damage at one of our parties a while back and the hardware that

came with it failed.  Luckily it was just the twee little wood screws that broke and not the wood.


I guess one of these days I should give the wood finish some of the attention it deserves. I also need to

take off those ugly white rubber feet covers some day. For real, I need to give this a thorough once over

and polish some day. Maybe this spring when it warms up. Hey, clocks spring forward this coming

weekend! Don't forget...cuz it seems like Spring sure did. It was Cold today!


  1. Love the orange against the blue and the pillows just tie everything together. Enjoy! CT

  2. Those cushions look great. It looks like a totally different sofa!

  3. That's a really cool sofa, I love it!! Cushions look smart, too. And I'm loving that glass-top coffee table ...