Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More Smalls That Have Been Accumulating In The Back Of Frank. You Ever Do That? Find A Box Or Bag Of Goodies You Forgot About In The Car? Status: Bonus!


Some of this stuff has only been in the back of Frank (the Focus Wagon) for a few days...OK, maybe a week, or two)...but some of it, dunno...maybe since last summer!  I was cleaning out the car for a roadtrip and brought all this make room for more!


OK, so maybe that means I have a problem.  I don't care.  We're headed to Canton TX for a few

days to the GIANT First Monday Flea Market.  That's the kind of place where having this sort of

"problem" pays off!  So anyway, I had to clean out the wagon and check out the spoils.  I don't buy

just any Taylor Smith Taylor - Jamaica Bay dishes anymore...because I have a TON of them already. 

There is such a thing as overkill, but when I find bowls and small plates (I don't have tons of those), I

snatch them right up!  I just love the Tiki-tomic pattern.


These must be the Girlfriend's.  I don't normally buy salt and pepper shakers.  These though, these are

pretty cool.  Vegas Baby!  One could, if one was crazy, make a game out of seasoning one's food with

these.  The salt shaker is marked "Japan" and they have real cork corks in them so they're probably



Also the Girlfriend's, but how cool are these?  Replica Ball caning jar salt and pepper in

box!  And they are actually made in the USA by Ball!  Bonus, they came with the original packaging. 

You know she'll never let these go.  I wish I could find a Broyhill Brasilia curio cabinet to further display

all her salt and pepper shakers.  She's got a great collection.


More glassware?  You betcha!  Glassware seems to sell pretty good at the antique mall (The Green

Shag Market - Booth 5!) so I always pick up anything cool that I find.  And this is a great set, having

ten glasses and no wear to the pattern.  I'll have these, and a lot more new smalls...and maybe some

new the booth space soon.  Plus, who knows what I'll be bringing back from Canton!


  1. Hey, are you coming to Canton to Sell or Buy? We are going to be out there also. We need to compare notes when you get back.

    Honey Stop The Car

  2. You are a nice friend to be out hunting for Brasilia for your friend!

  3. Last time I was at Canton it was quilts and primitives. Yeah, '90's ugh. So I'm looking forward to seeing your finds. I'm Texas Gal.
    Have you checked out Sweet Loraine in Ohio? Your kind of store, for sure ;)

  4. Always love me some Jamaica Bay. Good luck on the road trip and say hi to Dana for me.

  5. Canton, Texas? Your really ought to think about Warrenton and Round Top which are going on...right now!