Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sometimes You See Something Kinda Crazy And You're Like WTF?, But You Just Can't Leave It Behind. I Was Told This Is A Heat Lamp...But I Don't Know. Status: Quackery?


You see, here's the thing...that black disc inside the wire caging, it feels like a sanding disc.  Why would there be a sanding disc on the head of a heat lamp?  Hmmmm...sounds like Quackery to me!


Well, it turns out it is in fact a "heat" lamp, or more "Infared Mineral Healing Lamp" which

is supposed to be "world-wide renown for relief of pain, and helping stimulate blood flow in the area

exposed, relieving muscle and joint stiffness, muscle spasms, sprains and strains".  Yup, Quackery.  But

it is pretty cool looking and could easily be modified into an over the shoulder reading lamp.


It is missing a knob, but who cares.  I'd be pretty scared to use this for it's intended purpose anyway.  I

just thought it looked pretty cool!  I'm loving the base and the articulated arm.  One could even place a

dimmer in the control box if one was inclined to turn this into a lamp.


I dropped it off in my booth (#5) at The Green Shag Market if you are keen to own a Mod looking

Snake Oil "healing" lamp...or if you're looking for you next re-purposing project.  These things are still

available new
for a pretty hefty asking but this one can be had for a fraction of that. 


  1. FYI, this is from Aetna's list of Physical Therapy Services covered by their policies:

    "10. Infrared Light Therapy -- Dry heat with a special lamp to increase circulation to an area under supervision. The objective is to cause vasodilatation and relieve pain from muscle spasm. Considered medically necessary as a heat modality for musculoskeletal indications."

    There are other conditions which are not covered because they are currently "experimental and investigational." Which could be quackery, I guess.

  2. My father's physical therapist uses a heat lamp on his back for the above stated (10) reason, to increase circulation. Not quackery.