Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well, This Has Been Out In The Garage For A Long Time. I'd Love To Re-cover / Reupholster It, But... Status: Time To Let It Go.


This was the first step on my ongoing journey to falling asleep in my very own Eames / Herman Miller lounge chair and ottoman. I had big plans for it too. I've even got some great upholstery fabric to make it all pretty and comfy but I'm so fickle and newer "Man" chairs have come and gone. I think perhaps it should be moved along.


It's super comfortable.  It rocks and swivels.  It's kinda ugly with the brown vinyl but it's

got tons of potential!  It's been out in the Garage since we moved in.  Embarrassing to say

but it had already been relegated to the basement before we moved here.  It was replaced

by the Man Chair, then the Baughman recliner and then by the current Mr. Chair.


Lots of people mistakenly identify these Homecrest chairs as Bertoia chairs.  It's easy to see

why with the steel wire construction.  It does look similar.  These are mostly built for patio use

but I don't think these pieces have ever been anywhere but indoors.  The vinyl on the seat is

cracking where the pattern is embossed but it isn't even noticeable when there isn't anybody

in the seat.  It can actually be used and would look fine as is.


There is a broken weld on the chair somewhere but I forgot where and I failed to look for it

earlier today.  It's not anything noticeable.  It doesn't poke the person lounging or anything.

The chair, a Model 97 rocks and swivels smoothly.   The ottoman, a Model 170 is sturdy and

solid.  These pieces were featured in the 1976 Homecrest Casual Furniture catalog.


I'm going to be adding this and a number of other pieces to the ads sometime this week. It takes

me a little time to get around to updating the ads since most of the time I'm just spending keeping

them up on craigslist...and you know, blogcasting daily...and putting in my 40 at work (Oooo, a

40 at work...wouldn't that be nice!). The flagging is kinda nuts these days. It's all good. It don't

cost me anything to repost ads.

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