Monday, January 30, 2012

New Vintage Modern Religious Architecture Feature. Status: Makes Ya Think.


Have you ever noticed that some of the wildest, most adventurous, least conservative architecture of the 1960's was religious in nature?  My particular neighborhood is rife with very liberal looking houses of God.  I'm starting with the King's Crown of Mod Religious Architecture here in St. Louis.  The Catholic Center building on Lindell Blvd.

Of course I love this building.  It seriously smacks of the Supreme Court building and much of

the other architecture of Brasilia Brazil, and much of the furnishings of our home!


We were over at the Girlfriend's Mom's house for brunch this afternoon and this building is just

across the street.  It was such a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I had the camera with me so I

decided to shoot some pics of the building...before the Archdiocese decides to tear it down

too, as it did to an amazing building just up the street.


But I digress.  I can't really complain.  I didn't go out and picket or anything.  I didn't even

know that it was coming down or pay too much attention to that particular building until after

it was gone.  Ain't that just how it goes?  We can't hardly appreciate anything good until it's

gone.  I get the feeling this is safe though.  Looks like it's in continuous use.

DSCN5646   DSCN5645   DSCN5655

It's just so incongruous next to the cathedral!  What happened in the '60s?  Seriously!

Churches were just sorta run of the mill Gothic looking buildings until the 1960's, right?  And

don't get me wrong...Mr. Modtomic loves him some Gothic cathedrals with all their flying

buttresses and amazing dark ages engineering. 

DSCN5650   DSCN5653   DSCN5652

Nice vintage mod artwork and other details don't ya think?  That giant inlaid mural just inside

the front door reminds me of the decoration on the Metlox Freeform dinnerware.  Even the

door pulls are amazing.


The building has been here on Lindell since 1961.  It's getting a little grey around the temples.

Looks like the surrounding patio could use a good tuckpointing.  I apologize for the midwinter

photo shoot.  I really wish all the plantings were blooming instead of dry and dead.  Please

check out this B.E.L.T. blog posting for more pictures and more info about the building as well

as many more modern building keeping it company all along Lindell Blvd
.  I'll be tossing in a

post here and there featuring some of the super mod churches around here as I get around to

shooting them.  Maybe I'll get lucky and be able to get some interior shots as know,

to better showcase the stained glass!


  1. This kind of reminds me of the Oral Roberts University campus here in Tulsa...

    1. Hi 75Heather. Oh wow! I looked on the web at some pics of the ORU campus. That is so beautiful! Looks like most of the building were designed by Frank Wallace. You truly have an architectural treasure there and the next time I'm down that way I'll be stopping by! By the way, there is a great story on This American Life about Carlton Pearson who studied at ORU. I'm not at all a religious man but I'd really like to meet Carlton Pearson. I'd probably even stay for a service if I could! He seems like a very intelligent man to me.

  2. Random-ish comment but didn't that used to be the AAA over on Lindell near SLU? Or are there two identical buildings just down the road from each other? I loved going to that AAA when I was a kid!! Great photos :)

    1. Hi Jessica. Actually no, but good eye! The two building are VERY similar and could easily be sister buildings or something. Click on the last link in the text of the posting and scroll about 1/4 of the way down. You'll see the AAA building! There are so many beautiful buildings right through there on Lindell Blvd.

  3. My, what awesome buildings you have there! I wish I had stuff like this to look at here in northeastern Ohio! Thanks for posting!