Monday, January 2, 2012

More From Kevins Joint. Great Local Art. Great Local Artists. Status: Good Taste / Lucky Bastard.


My buddy Kevin is a bit of a Bohemian (IMHO).  He's the local Slam Master for the St. Louis area Poetry Slam and writes a bit himself.  He's the guy who's going to suggest we all go out to an art opening...but mostly for the open bar.  I met him working the door at a local watering hole / music joint in Soulard called Kennealy's Pub reading some book.  I had just heard the story of how the book Confederacy Of Dunces came to be so I struck up a conversation and the rest is history!
Kevin's house is bursting at the seams with interesting things to look at / read / listen to.

There are a number of pieces by two amazing local artists; Wayne Saint Wayne and

Christopher Gustave.  They couldn't be more different but somehow live in complete

harmony here!


I've had the pleasure of hanging out with Chris Gustave (we all just call him Gustave) on

many a late intoxicated eve.  He has a somewhat twisted sense of humor which is one of

the reasons I like him.  I wouldn't say we ever became actual friends but I know that if I

see him out at a restaurant or bar I can expect a big affectionate man hug.  He's a good

guy that way.  More so he's an amazing artist that maybe doesn't promote himself enough.

I haven't seen him or heard much about what he's up to in a while but then...I've kinda

fell out of the late night scene the last couple of years.  I know that in the pictures the art

is in an over the top, cluttered, more is more environment but I think Gustave's work

would really shine in a more minimalist living area.


Another local artist who many south siders are familiar with is Wayne Saint Wayne.  I've

never actually met Wayne...that I can remember.  Actually I might have but I was probably

drunk at Mangia Italiano on South Grand where you can see what I would say is Mr. St.

Waynes Sistine Chapel.  He worked on it for a number of years and it is huge, complex,

interesting and beautiful.  Go to Mangia for an amazing dinner but make sure you sit on the

side with the mural and get a good look.  Then go again and make sure you sit in a different

place so you can enjoy that part. Rinse and Repeat!  Otherwise, Wayne St. Wayne has

been a fairly prolific local artists.  I've seen his work in many local restaurants and bars.

He paints mostly found objects giving them new life.  I've even seen his work for sale at

a local flea market...but not at flea market prices!  While you can visit Gustave's MySpace

page and probably contact him to buy a piece (or three!), I have no idea how anyone who

doesn't live in St. Louis might find Wayne to inquire about a piece for their very own

collection.  If you are intruiged, leave a comment...I'm sure I could get you a number, address

or e-mail.


  1. We have an amazing arts and music scene here in the Tampa Bay area! There is never any lack of people to see, hear and generally enjoy. Just a lack of time... Thanks for the heads up. If I'm in your hood I'll certainly take you up on your recommendations...

  2. A Mod - I bet there are some great places to see music, eat and drink and generally have a good time there in Tampa! I've never been but we are regulars in the panhandle. The Destin / Fort Walton Beach area is one of our favorite summer vacation destinations! From what I understand it's like a second home to a lot of people from St. Louis for some reason. MMMmmmm...fresh seafood. I miss it.