Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stylish Flatware On The Cheap. Estate Sale Sundries. Status: Odd Lot.


Chow time? Do you do it in style? I got this everyday silverware at an estate sale last summer just so we could have something a little less embarrassing to eat with than the mismatched incomplete sets of various eating utensils littering our silverware drawer.


I picked up this nice set of Stanley Roberts flatware at the estate sale that had all that Broyhill

Brasilia II
(that I passed on) last summer. I bought it almost as an after thought. Silverware isn't

really what I go to an estate sale for but for real, it's a great place to pick up little things like this.

You might be able to put together a set a little cheaper at a thrift store...or three, but dredging

those silverware bins puts a sharp throbbing pain right behind my eyes. Oh, if I happen to be

passing by and see an interesting piece laying on top I'm of course hooked. I dig through that

whole bin. I'll just have to take a Tylenol later!


It's nice to have a set of flatware that aren't as embarrassing as the mismatched knives, forks

and spoons of questionable origin that currently litter our silverware drawer. I wish there were

more than a complete four piece set. Oh sure...there's like a dozen spoons. What's up with

that? Why so many spoons? Anybody need some Stanley Roberts "Maribo" spoons who

might have some spare forks they could spare?


And then there is the lone butter knife and soup spoon. I can understand the lone butter knife

but ONE soup spoon? Maybe it's not a soup spoon. What is it then? Anybody know what one

oddly shaped spoon might be used for? I'm at a loss. I looked through the

but they only have pictures of a few pieces and a list of about ten different spoon types.



  1. It's probably a sugar spoon, especially if it's deeper than the other, more oval spoons in the set.

  2. Dana - Thanks! That is so it. Makes perfect sense too.

  3. I just noticed that I photographed the knife upside down...twice. Dangit.