Friday, January 13, 2012

I Kill Plants. I've Tried...I Really Have. I Don't Have A Brown Thumb. I Have An Defoliant Thumb. Status: Plastics...The Plants Of The Future!


Oh...looky, all those fake kitties wanting to eat the fake plants. What is it with cats wanting to eat plants, fake or otherwise? Our former kitty would even try to eat the tinsel off our Christmas tree.


We couldn't have any real plants when he was with us because he'd just chew them to bits.

Not that it matters. I tried years ago to keep some house plants alive and killed some right

away while others lingered helplessly for ages before succumbing to either too much water

or not enough. Or was it too much sun...or not enough...or some torturous diabolical

combination their of.


Luckily a bunch of dinosaurs died about a million billion years ago and gave us the miracle of

plastic.  Try as I might, I just can't kill these guys!  They need so little...just a little dusting every

so often.  These (and a few others that I'll show you another time) were all rescued from

various basement "rumpus rooms" via estate sale purchase.


I've also got a similar "plant" that fits into this amazing atomic style plant stand.  This just has

so much going for it.  I love the swirly drizzle paint.  The "rocket ship" style base.  The walnut

legs.  What's not to love?  Another estate sale find.  I got all these Waaayyyyy back when...

when the girlfriend and I used to get up in the morning and hit a dozen or more estate sales

before noon.  Most would have nothing but we always found something good.  Law of


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