Friday, January 6, 2012

"Come Get Me! It's Cold Out In His Garage!" Poor Abandoned Chair. Forlorn And Forgotten. Status: Not Mine.


You know who you are!  Don't you love your pink girly office chair any more?  I was just kidding when I said it was uncomfortable.  It's probably just fine.  Probably....maybe.

SOMEBODY picked this little gem up at a great big estate auction last summer. It was

had for a song. It's super stylish and built like a tank. Just about as heavy as one too. If

only it was better padded. I'm spoiled by my Knoll / Saarinen executive office chair that

I blog from daily. I probably spend more time in my Saarinen chair than any other piece

of furniture except the bed. I'd have to break this bright pink beauty down and replace the

padding if I was the owner and used it daily.


If it wasn't for the exceptional construction I'd almost say this chair was a case of style

over substance. This was probably a very expensive chair when it was purchased from

Dolnick's furniture back in 1976 (there is a tag on the bottom!). Dolnick's is a pricey

contemporary furnishings store that is something of an institution here in St. Louis. Their

current offerings are not my thing but since vintage modern is...well, you do the math. I'd

love to see their old catalogs from the mid fifties too now. I wonder if they have that kinda

stuff stashed away.


  1. I love this chair... I have a bright green one just like it!!

  2. uh yeah, you can throw it over my way if you'd like :)

  3. Uh, let me put my sunglasses on. That is one hot pink chair!

  4. I was successfully guilted in borrowing the proper vehicle in order to pick this up! The photographs of this chair do NOT do it justice, it truly is the most fantastic shade of fuchsia.. Not too pink, not to purple.. Fuchsia and chrome, this is a lovely chair that will bring an awesome pop of color to the den. I just have to remove my husband from his man-cave first... I want to thank Mr. and Ms. Modtomic for homing this chair for a few weeks (months?) and apologize again for taking as long as it took to get it.