Wednesday, January 18, 2012

While Out Monkeying Around In The Garage Monday I Pulled This Out And Realized I Might Never Use It Again. Status: Straight To My Ads.


I picked this up YEARS ago and I used it in the spare bedroom for a while. Extra stuff migrated to the spare bedroom and the little table made its way to the garage. I pulled it out in order to unearth another item and decided it might be time to put it on the "list".


I picked this up when I picked up the original "Man Chair" years ago. I answered an ad for the

chair (it was super cool in that "first class TWA 1960s" sorta way) and the seller almost MADE

me take this little table too. They threatened to toss it if I didn't take it as I recall.


Oh no...that just wouldn't do! I believe I gave them a few extra bucks for it for Karmic sake.

It's a great little table and I think it may be a home made project or a mail order kit. Something

you'd buy out of the back of a Better Homes and Garden or Popular Mechanics.


It's such a cool little table that even as I'm writing this I'm having second thought about giving it

up! It looked so good in the spare bedroom. I really do need to clean that room out. Maybe I'll

put my new Broyhill desk in there too and use that as my "study" where I can knock out these

posts without being so distracted by the TV....and refrigerator, where the beer is.


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  2. I considered putting a beer fridge in mt garage but was thwarted by my wife. She said if I didn't have to come in after a cold one she would never see me... :-)